Holy Toledo Batman! A Post Without Any Dishes!

Hi Everyone!

My parents head to Florida every year in the middle of March and stay for a month. I miss them terribly when they are gone. But, one of my favorite things is, my mom shops when she is down there and always gets me a new summer purse. Ya gotta love that! This year when they got back (just a couple of days ago) she must have had a really good time shopping because I got all kinds of goodies. Of course the little princess got the mother lode!

However, I can't complain. I got a few new things as well. And lots of blue! When I saw all the blue things she got me I told her I was going to use these for my blue Monday post. She immediately said, "Diann, you make sure your readers know that I bargain shopped! I found a great outlet mall!" LOL That would be my Mom! So, I told her I would show at least one price tag! LOL

Here is my new summer purse. It is a Tommy Hilfiger canvas bag with green, blue and white print. She also got me the lime green new wallet. She said she couldn't find an exact match to the purse but, figured this would work.

She also got me a plain simple t-shirt and a beautiful scarf.

As for the Princess, here are her new shoes. the top two she has been wearing as you can tell. My little 2.5 year old is a major shoe freak! And she has been for over half her short life already! LOL

And all her new outfits. There is a shorts outfit missing because it is in the dirty laundry already.

A cute summer dress with matching "bloomers". I just love blue and white gingham.

And of course, no summer wardrobe is complete without a new bathing suit and cover-up!

She also got several new toys.......naturally!

I am not showing Troy's goodies because he didn't get any "blue" items. LOL

Now, a little bit of mosaic playing!

Everyone have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. OHHHHHH so cute! I love that purse and wallet. Cute stuff! Mom shops well, must be where you learned some of that great shopping you do. Little Princess got some very sweet outfits and those shoes! Just can't believe you didn't include one plate???? LOL.

  2. Your little princess clothes are so cute. I just love it that she loves shoes already!! I see tons and tons of shoes in her future.....LOL

  3. How nice of your mom to buy you all those, Diann. The little outfits are so cute. I have that TH canvas bag in a different color and I am using it now, perfect for summer.....Christine

  4. You and your Little Princes are spoiled by such a wonderful Mom/Grandma! Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Love the bag and you've got the Princess trained well- shoes ROCK! Thinking of you today
    xoxo {{{Hugs}}} Pattie

  6. Love the purse and all the cute clothes and shoes. Princess is well dressed.

  7. Love that purse! The princess shoes are so sweet!

  8. How thoughtful your mother is! Love the clothes and shoes she got and what a nice purse. Enjoy! Happy Blue Monday, thinking of you and your family today. Prayers on your behalf are being said.
    God bless, Beth

  9. The shoes all lined up are just to die for caaute! Love the wallet by the way.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. Wow your momma is nice! I am LOVIN' that scarf! Your little princess really racked up this trip huh! lol It's nice to have grandmas that help with buying goodies for the little ones. :)
    I wanted to invite you over to my blog for my very first giveaway! (I'm so excited!!) Hope you can pop in and give it a look..you're welcome to tell your readers about it too, the more the merrier!
    Have a great week
    Melissa :)

  11. Wow, great buys. I love Beall's Outlet. I find lots of things there. And at Ross, and Marshalls too. Where in Florida does your mom stay?


  12. loooove that purse! and all that lil girl stuff... too cute!

  13. How fun that your Mother enjoys thinking of you while she is away. The purse she found is great and I love the wallet too.

    Have a great Monday!

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  14. Love your Tommy purse and the wallet looks great with it. Also, those little Tinkerbell shoes are the cutest little pair of shoes.
    You are certainly blessed with a wonderful mother. :) Have a great week!

  15. I absolutely love the scarf! The Little Princess's new b/w gingham bloomer set is just way too adorable! Looks like your mom had a great time shopping for your family. You received a lot of nice stuff.

    Happy Monday!

    ~ Tracy

  16. Hi Diann,

    How sweet of your mom to gather so many goodies for you! She has good taste!


  17. Yes good taste indeed they all pretty. happy blue Monday..

  18. How nice to be showered with so many goodies!! Just read your earlier post too, and hope the judge ruled in your favor!

    Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea

  19. What a special Mom you have to think of you when she's out of town. My favorite is the purse, it's a great summer bag. Tell your Mom--great bargains.

  20. You have some wonderful blues here & a very wonderful Mom , too !

  21. What a generous mother you have - so many gifts.
    Maybe she should be sharing where this outlet mall is? :-)

  22. Look at all that loot. I always take my granddaughters something too when we visit.

  23. awww those are lovely items! love your new purse! ;) and the your little ones shoes are all beautiful! little fashionista!

    u may view mine here

  24. Wow nice, Mom! I love the blue purse and all the kiddo clothes too. Happy Blue Monday!

  25. Ahhh the Beall's Outlet tag. You can find me at 2 different Beall's Outlet's every Friday (unless i'm out of town). That place practically GIVES stuff away! Top off your purchases w/ the under 55 discount on Friday (or over 55 on Monday) plus the punch card for every $10...I regularly leave with items that cost me less than $1. Last Christmas I bought my aunt a gorgeous Coldwater Creek blazer for $14.99 (plus the 15% discount) - it was in the catalog for $80 - WOO HOO!


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