Focaccia Pizza Burgers!

You know those nights that you just want to order pizza? Then you think that you really don't want to spend the money to buy them. Well, that was me a few nights ago. We had a ton of bills to pay this week and ordering pizza just wasn't a smart option.

So, I made Focaccia pizza burgers. I see Focaccia spelled this way and Foccia. I have no idea which is correct.

I had two loaves of focaccia bread so, I sliced them down the center. I thawed and cooked some hamburger. Added some tomato sauce and Italian herbs, garlic and mushrooms. Let it all simmer together.

Once that was finished I spread it on the focaccia bread and topped with chopped veggies I had and anything else that looked good. LOL I love sliced fresh tomatoes on pizza or anything grilled so, once I smothered the whole thing in mozzarella cheese, I topped with tomatoes and yellow pepper rings (I could just sit and eat a jar of yellow pepper rings!). I made two of these and then used the other two pieces just for a little cheesy bread.

For the cheesy bread I just brushed on olive oil,rubbed the bread down with a clove of garlic and sprinkled some Italian herbs. Topped with cheese and tomatoes.

Pretty quick, very filling and yummy! And as you can see, this was part of the meal we ate at the tablescape from yesterday's post.

The "heart" shape of the bread was a total accident. I just didn't slice very evenly. LOL

I am joining Foodie Friday even though this is so not a fancy recipe kind of dish. If you want to see some truly awesome food, check out all the folks joining this week's Foodie Friday!


  1. Seriously those look delicious and much better for us (ME) then ordered Pizza. YUM! I will have too look for focaccia or however it's spelled bread!

  2. They look great Diann! I'll bet even my picky hubby would eat those
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Looks darned good! And easy - that's what I like the best! I posted on the horse dentist today- my girls have been eating too many sweets!!!

  4. Oh my Diann! That looks delicious. You guys come up with the most wonderful food ideas with what you have on hand. MMMMMM. :o) I'm almost back to feeling normal, just congested, but I can leave the couch behind now and actually lie down to sleep tonight. Yay! I'm going to have to try that 'pizza.' Yummo!

  5. Diann, This is a delicious and filling and satisfying looking dish! Yummy! And thanks for the heart, even though it was an accident.

  6. Mmm... just what I need a quick recipe for next week and I sounds easy!


  7. This looks yummy good! We might have these this weekend! :)


  8. Thanks for stopping by. I had to laugh at your comment about creating possible tablescapes down at Goodwill. I do that all the time.

  9. Oh, I kid you not, but this just reminds me to take the frozen pizza crusts out of the freezer...., it's pizza night tonight!!

  10. I have been wandering through your blog and I love it. Thanks for being here.

    Good luck tomorrow.


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