A Few of my Favorite Things

It's time to join Laurie at her place, "Bargain Hunting (and Chatting) with Laurie" for this week's party, A Few of My Favorite Things. Thank you Laurie for hosting this fun weekly party!

We all know by now that I collect and love tea cups. I also love the creamers and sugar bowls that once were part of a set. It's pretty easy to find a pretty stray creamer or sugar bowl at thrift stores and they are generally priced to sell. Because, after all, who wants just a part of a set? Oh, that would be me!

I use creamers often and rarely for cream. I like to use them for salad dressings, sauces, gravies, toppings...etc. I just think it's prettier than having a plastic bottle of Ranch dressing on he table. And, what's one more dish in the dishwasher?

Last weekend, we went out of town for a working weekend. The first thing I did when we got to the hotel was search out the thrift stores in the area. LOL Don't you love to stop in a Goodwill or Salvation Army store that is brand new to you? There is always the anticipation of just knowing they are going to have the coolest stuff and rock bottom prices! Okay, so I am a severe optimist! LOL However, I did discover 4 Goodwill Stores and 3 Salvation Army stores! Woohoo!! Unfortunately, half of them were closed by the time I had a chance to get to them. But, that left half open for me to hunt in!

At one of the Goodwill stores I picked up this creamer.

This one caught my eye because of the shape. It was so filthy, that I didn't know it had a thin blue line around the top until I got it home and cleaned it.
I thought the handle had gold on it, but I didn't realize the entire handle was gold until it got a good soaking. I am always a bit surprised at how some stores don't do any cleaning on their items before they hit the shelves and then some keep everything very tidy.

This next creamer I found at a Salvation Army store. It has such a pretty floral design to it. No markings on the bottom, just the raised U.S.A.

Isn't that a pretty floral design?

At a different store, I found this little tiered silver dish. Now, as you can see from these pictures, this sucker was totally neglected.

So, I took it apart and started working on cleaning one piece....

After about 20 minutes of just scrubbing this one little piece, this is as far as I got. There sure is some damage to it.

Sadly, this is as far as I have gotten with trying to restore this cute little candy dish. I did uncover that it was made in Italy but, still no makers mark. If anyone has any tips for me regarding bringing this little beauty back to life, I have set up a hotline....LOL

And another tragedy strikes the thrifting world!!

See this beautiful gravy boat?

When I unwrapped this piece, this is what I found....

Oh, it just broke my heart! The break in the dish is at least a clean break. But, it is just so sad to find this when you unwrap your treasures!

Stayed tuned for next week's episode of "A Few of My Favorite Things"! Here are a couple of scenes from next week's show.....

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Easter!!


  1. Okay, now you KNOW I'm intrigued! I thought of you this morning when I stopped in at our local thrift shop. I picked up a little pitcher that I remember seeing at Home Goods last year- a cheapie. They had it marked 12 dollars!! Talk about wanting to go off on a rant! I left empty handed.
    You did great! I love little odd pieces Have a wonderful holiday friend
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Oh what gorgeous dishes. All of the pitchers are wonderful and the soup pitchers are gorgeous. What a shame the one is broken. I think I would have cried. The silver tiered server is beautiful. Hope you have a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

  3. Try Tarnix...and I'd probably superglue the break. Might not be able to use it for gravy, etc. but it would still look beautiful.

  4. I hate it when things break like that. It is still pretty! Love the little creamers and I sure it comes as no surprise that I love and collect creamers! I have so many but they still keep calling my name! The candy dish is a cute shape I hope you can bring it back to life.

  5. Diann, you scored some cute little creamers, too bad the gravy boat got broken. I don't have any advice for you on the candy dish...some are so pitted they can't be helped, unfortunately. Our weather is finally getting nice enough for yard sales to start up again...can't wait!

  6. You scored!! Love the finds. Sorry to hear about the gravy boat being broken. You make me wish I could find some cool stuff like this!!

  7. Hi Diann,
    There is just something so charming about creamers. I love them too.
    I'm sorry that sweet one was broken. (boo-hoo)

    You could paint that silver stand. Believe it or not it looks pretty good. I do this with pieces like yours that are kinda helpless.


  8. I like to use odd creamers as petite flower vases. You found some good finds.

  9. Oh, so sorry about the pretty creamer. You could super glue it and use as a planter on your porch or deck. It would be so pretty outside. Can't wait to see your next finds.

  10. So sorry about the broken gravy server. It sure is pretty though and so are all the others...Christine

  11. Hi Diann, I just love the little creamers. I collect them myself, I like to put paperwhites in them at Christmas, or use them for small bouquets.
    Have a blessed Easter,

  12. Diann, you are so funny! Love the way you write your commentary. You found some great creamers. . I'm always kind of excited when I find a store that doesn't clean their stuff, because their prices are usually pretty reasonable. (Their stuff is so dirty, they don't even know what they have.) Love finding a bargain under all of that grime, and your pretty Limoges creamer is a fabulous example of that. So sorry about the broken one. I think I'd consider painting that silver tierd server (of course, I'm the one who hates to polish silver). Thank you so much for linking to Favorite Things (and I love your tease for next week). Have a wonderful Easter weekend. laurie

  13. Oh that is such a sad picture! I would have cried! Your beautiful little limoges jug is just beautiful though.

    Best wishes and Happy Easter,

  14. Great finds, Diann. I too prefer stores where things are dirty (for the same reason as Laurie). But don't start me ranting about prices. ;^)

    FYI: Liquid Nails makes a ceramic glue you can use on china. As for cleaning the silver, I'd use the aluminum foil, baking soda, hot water method. It works a treat!

  15. Oh, I am so sorry you broke your gravy boat. I have silver plated tray that was in horrible shape like your tiered tray. It has pitting and was worn down to the brass underneath. So, I kept it awhile and finally I sanded the pits and gave it a coat of white spray paint. It bubbled up but it looks really shabby. I am going to sand it up again and then put a gray stain over the white and see how that looks. It actually doesn't look too bad and it was useless the way it came. Oh, I paid $1 for it marked down after 3 months at the thrift store and they were going to throw it away. So, I thought well you can always use a tray. Good luck with your tiered tray, show us if you find a trick to get it looking good. I just experimented with mine.

  16. Your finds from GW are awesome. I am so sorry about your gravy boat!! I dropped the most beautiful dish at the church sale a few weeks back. It made me sick. they took pity and did not make me pay for it.

  17. AWESOME!! Sorry one broke!

    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  18. I have been a lifelong thrifter, and never looked at dishes until I started talking to other thrifters. Now no shelf goes unsearched. Beautiful finds.
    With the above mentioned foil/baking soda mix, add some salt.


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