A Favorite ~ Home Town Parades

Hey everyone! It's time to join Laurie for A Few of my Favorite Things party!

Instead of showing you items around my home today, I am sharing some pictures from last weekends Maple Syrup Festival Parade!

Little community parades are so much fun. Half of the folks that live in the town are in the parade. Every little kid in the community walks the stretch of the parade route maybe wearing a costume or just a t-shirt with their church name on it. It's just a lot of fun.

So, we found the perfect corner to put our chairs. It was drizzling, windy and pretty cold. We brought our blankets and a hot drink and waited for the fun to begin!

First, you always start out with flags!

Then, Emergency vehicles.

Of course the Grand Marshall!

And the Queens Court of the Maple Syrup festival.

And what better time to show off your classic cars!

A church float is needed!

No idea who this guy was but, apparently a dark mysterious rider on a horse is a special edition to a local parade! It keeps the suspense to an all time high!

And let's face, no parade is complete with out someone driving their semi hauling some kind of big equipment behind it!

And folks dressed in costumes is a must! I mean, come on folks, we're talking Barney and Elmo here!

Let's not forget a frog driving a little truck!

And the local high school marching band!

And then not to be out done by the classic cars, you have your antique cars!

And the real reason to be at the parade....to fill a pillow case of candy thrown to you!! Yup, that's our princess picking up her fair share!

And once the parade is over everyone heads to the local high school for the main attraction of the Maple Syrup festival!!


  1. Oh what a great and fun day. I love the parade and the pancakes look just fabulous. Makes me hungry. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hi Diann,
    What a nice post. Small town living is wonderful and there is nothing like a parade.
    Love the little one picking up her candy.

    So sweet.


  3. I've been to so many small town parades when my kids were little and were always in them. I admit I miss going and sitting there waiting to see your special smiling face walk by!

  4. How fun! I haven't been too a small town parade since my kids got grown! We even marched in a few (Girl Scouts) and Sara was in many during her years. So fun!!! My favorite part would be the breakfast! YUM!

  5. Yes, who doesn't love a hometown parade! I agree. Yours looked like a lot of fun.

  6. Love a good parade, and that frog driving the mini truck is a hoot!

  7. This post made me cry! I so miss our old home in the Hudson Valley- we sat (and walked) through so many of those wonderful small town parades!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. What a fun post! I have childhood memories of walking downtown to our little village 4th of July parade with my brother!
    And those pancakes - YUMMO :-)

  9. That looks like fun but I have my eye on those yummy pancakes!

    Best wishes,

  10. I love small town parades! What a fun looking day and the pancakes look yummy!

  11. Diane, this looks soooo much like one of our parades in my town, but we don't have a frog driving a mini-truck- that is so cute. I'm laughing about everybody being in the parade. That's the way it is here-more people in the parade than watching the parade! We also don't have delicious pancakes with maple syrup after the parade. I would like that tradition. Thanks so much for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  12. Diann, I have to say, I have never seen a parade with bulldozers, LOL! Fire trucks and old cars, but never construction equip..:)

  13. So fun!! A syrup parade!!! And a syrup Queen!!! :-) Community coming together to celebrate the things that make it unique... LOVE that! I have a good friend from college who was the "apple blossom queen" in the town where she grew up.

  14. I love it and am so glad you cherish it, because many of these ties that bind a small town are fading away! Thanks, Lezlee

  15. I am SO glad that you posted your town's parade! It has reminded me that I want to take my camera to ours on Memorial Day! We have almost all the same features & I ♥ it. Good wholesome FUN~


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