What is a Knickknack?

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I should probably tell you my definition of kickknacks. For me it is any decorative item that is non-functioning/or I don't need. Just something I like for pure ascetic purposes. so, it can be little ceramic doo-dads, vases, pillows, pictures, dishes, bowls....the list goes on. Granted dishes and bowls do have function and I only really need one set, but.........LOL

According to Websters Dictionary, Knickknack = a small trivial article usually intended for ornament

Pretty darn close to my own definition. always good to know.

Having the attention span of a 2 year old, I get bored very easily. With different little decorative items, I can change the look of an area quickly. No big major repainting job or buying expensive furniture. I can redo a shelf or a tabletop and do a completely different look within an hour and make my room or area have a fresh new look.

I discovered, and gave myself permission, to not feel the need to put EVERYTHING I own out on display at once and all the time. I can change out things, move things around, add things, remove things and just play any time I want to. Woohoo! Freedom!

As any one who reads my blog fairly regularly knows, I thrift a lot. I use my "play allowance" money and buy my play stuff. And that's what it is for me, play. It's fun and when you know you aren't spending a fortune on something, your can venture outside the box and try different things that you would not normally think you like. I have surprised myself by some of the things I have gotten and then found out I really liked...who knew? But, then again,I have gotten things, added it to my home decor, stood back and thought, "What the heck was I thinking?". And down it comes and on Ebay it goes! LOL

A fun example is dishes. I have always loved beautiful china. Didn't matter the style, china is always beautiful to me. But, lately I have been finding some awesome retro dishes and have been loving them! When I bought this little set of retro dishes, I figured I would use them once or twice and then sell them.

But when I set this table, I swear, I felt like I was Mary Tyler Moore playing Laura Petrie in the Dick van Dyke show! It was so much fun. And I absolutely love this little set!

So, now my home changes it's look on a regular basis. Things rarely stay the same for very long. Poor Hubs has had a struggle with this concept. He grew up in a home that everything stayed the same. But, he is slowly starting to understand me. And it has only taken him 10 years. LOL

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  1. That is a great tablesetting! I glad you liked the little sheep. Have a great Easter...Julian

  2. Wow! Someone with my own philosophy of decoration! Thrift stores have some nice knick-knacks at times, too.

  3. A great idea, - buy your knickknacks, enjoy them, and then change them before you have to dust them!

  4. great K post! I love that domed serving piece, so very pretty.

  5. Diann this is the 2nd week in a row that you and I have chosen the same theme for our Alphabet blogs....funny! Mine isn't until Thur so I might change it...we are so much a like!

  6. Hi there, Im glad you liked my knickknack sheep. They are getting harder to find. Have a great Easter...Julian

  7. Hi: I just love your tea set. We share the love of change! In my house, anything that is not nailed down can be sold on Ebay. I call it trading up! Have a wonderful Easter. Blessings, Martha

  8. Dishes are something I can never seem to make myself give up- I need an intervention! LOL
    xoxo Pattie

  9. I love the color of your retro dishes.. Thats not a shade we see very often so it really appeals to me.. I looked everywhere for a K and the only thing i could think of was my KITCHEN. Since the last 2 have been yard clean up and trash clean out days I cant take a pic of my kitchen- no way- no how lol...Maybe I can participate next week..

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  10. I'm so lovin that dish set you got going Laura..I mean Diann...lol

    "I discovered, and gave myself permission, to not feel the need to put EVERYTHING I own out on display at once and all the time. I can change out things, move things around, add things, remove things and just play any time I want to. Woohoo! Freedom!"

    This spoke to me in volumes since I JUST experienced this freedom about a month ago..and at first it was very overwhelming..NOT show everything? Move items to other rooms? Put some away for seasonal changes?

    I realized that I needed to let go of some of the obsessiveness I carried into my decorating,,,and just let it go and go with the flow..It was freeing!!

  11. Those dishes and the table setting are just adorable. I'm not usually a huge fan of what is called 'retro' (living through that era once was enough for me), but these are such a great color and shape how could you resist them.

  12. Nice post for today.

    Thanks for joining in on the fun at ABC Wed. on behalf of the ABC team.

  13. You have a real gift for decor! I have many, many knicknacks, but my house never looks like that!

  14. What a lovely tablesetting! Thanks for something new I learned starting with K today! :o)
    I wish I had this eye for table decorating... *sigh*

    Kisses from Nydia.

  15. Ah, Laura Petrie on DVDyke was my very 1st TV crush!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!


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