Tackle it Tuesday

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Today I am trying to set up a "donation" area in our house. Good luck to me! LOL We donate a lot of stuff like books to the library, old towels and blankets to the animal shelter, food to the food bank and clothes, toys and misc. stuff to local charities.

Everyday, I will be cleaning or picking up stuff and realize this needs to go for donation. And what happens with those items here and there? They end up "here and there". I want to pick one day a month where I make it a "Donation Delivery Day". But, I need to have everything all together otherwise, it becomes such a chore I get aggravated and decide I will just deal with it another day.

I really can't afford any more "another days". LOL I got lots of "another day" stuff all around me and it is taking over!

So, I found a small bit of floor area in our little laundry room. I am putting 3 boxes in there. One for books, one for food donation and one for everything else. The one for "everything else" will fill up the fastest of course, so I will take that one a couple of times a month. It's not like I don't go to charity thrift stores only once a month! LOL

So, how do you tackle unwanted items that are still in good condition?

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  1. I so want to organize my guest bedroom/craft rom which is in deplorable shape. Thank you for the boost I need- I have the donation box idea ready to go now....I still just need to get away from the family long enough to start sorting.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I hide what I want to donate in the trunk of my car. My husband groans when he goes into the trunk! I'm working on getting boxes to place the items in, but I always give the boxes away.

  3. I do like you are Diann. I have boxes for books and other stuff! Books go to the library or 2nd hand book store for some credits. All other stuff gets donated. I also try to take it once a month. I also have recycle boxes as I have to take our recyclables to our local dump. So we have paper/cardboard, plastic and cans. So many boxes but I have to do this, can't just toss it out. Good luck with the organizing.

  4. I am in the middle of some major organizing, but we're at the point where it just seems a mess! G-r-o-a-n. You're inspiring me to get it done
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Hi Diann. I'm still catching up from yesterday. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that man wrapping your stuff in vintage linens! I'll bet you were standing there just dying, trying not to gasp real loud. That is so funny. I'll bet your eyes were popping out. That is too good. Last fall, at a tailgate sale, I asked a man how much he wanted for his vintage demilune table. He asked if a $1 was okay. That's the fastest I ever paid. And another lady was behind me coming after it, too. That's great.

  6. I seem to have a never ending donation pile going -- unfortunately I usually come back with more than a took! Bad!


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