Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

No, there is no wedding going on around here. LOL Just trying to be clever which is generally not a good thing! However, I have a few teasures that fit into each of those catagories.

Something old.....

A couple of pretty diamond pattern bud vases. Both were .49 cents. And a pretty diamond pattern candle bowl (.65 cents).

The mark on the bottom of vases is marked E.O. Brody Co. 920 USA.

Indiana Glass manufactures tabletop and decorative glassware containers for the retail, private label, candle and floral markets. E.O. Brody markets and distributes vases made by Indiana Glass to wholesale florists, large floral buying groups and flower shops. Indiana Glass' customers include large retailers such as Wal-Mart, specialty retailers, and candle makers. E.O. Brody supplies the nationwide floral industry, including FTD, 1-800-FLOWERS, and more than 1,200 independent retail florists

Indiana Glass and E.O. Brody were merged into The Anchor Hocking Company


Something new.....

I picked up these two little spring votive holders at Michael's for .99 cents each. Very cute.

A little Michael's History:

The First Ten Years

Two decades before the 450th Michaels arts and crafts store opened in 1996 the first store was established, its creation the work of a young, enterprising businessman whom retail analysts would later hail as a "merchandising genius." His name was Michael Dupey, and he got his start in 1973 when he converted one of a group of Ben Franklin stores operated by his father into an arts and craft store that operated under the name Michaels. Located in Dallas, the first store became part of the Dupey family business, a company headed by Michael Dupey's father, Jim Dupey, and aptly named Dupey Enterprises, Inc. Founded in 1962 and the predecessor to Michaels Stores, Inc., Dupey Enterprises controlled the first store and transformed the retail concept into a chain, adding additional stores as the 1970s progressed.

Dupey Enterprises controlled the Michaels retail concept for ten years. With Michael Dupey leading the way, the Dupey family business expanded the number of Michaels stores, assembling a small chain of stores comprising 11 units, nearly all of which were located in Texas, by the time its era of ownership was over. Although the Michaels retail concept enjoyed an encouraging start, the period of Dupey ownership would stand as the least prolific decade in the retailer's first 30 years of existence. Michael Dupey created the concept, but the work of transforming Michaels into a national chain and building it into the largest retailer of its kind in the United States fell to the new owners who took control of the company in 1983. The year marked the beginning of the Wyly era in Michaels' history, a period during which Michaels arts and crafts stores proliferated throughout the United States and into Canada and Puerto Rico

Source: Fundinguniverse

Something borrowed....all the information I am giving you. LOL

Something blue...

These cups were manufactured by Wedgwood & Co. The design is called Countryside.

This Wedgwood is not the Wedgwood most people think of.

Enoch Wedgwood, a distant relative of the famous Josiah Wedgwood, joined the Podmore Walker partnership around 1850. By 1856 he was recognised as a senior partner and included in the firms cartouche as Podmore Walker & Wedgwood. The old partnership was folded in 1859 and Enoch took his brother Jabez into a new partnership titled Wedgwood & Co. The firm remained a family concern until 1900 when they floated as a Ltd company and control was effectively passed over. In 1965 the company was refloated as Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd 1965 but with only limited success were taken over by the Wedgwood Group as the subsidiary Unicorn Pottery in 1980

Source: here

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  1. Everything is so pretty...and oooooo,that gorgeous cake plate and's just gorgeous.

  2. You find so many treasures, I can't even begin to imagine how you find space to store them! You could possibly send some my way...

  3. Diann great finds and great info. I knew a little about the E.O. Broday co but nothing about Michaels....very cool.

  4. What an interesting post, thank you for all the info, some of this I did not know.. what treasures you found. I would love to go thrifting with you. You always manage to find the greatest treasures.. hugs ~lynne~

  5. Great finds Diann! Now why can't I start a little store like Michael's and have it become a thriving money maker? Love those blue and white cups, and the votive holders are so pretty. laurie

  6. Love it all, Diann. Those votives are adorable and anything blue and white makes my heart sing Enjoyed all the info too
    xoxo Pattie

  7. Fun post with lots of great information. I love the blue and white cups!

  8. I love those glass vases and the bowl--they are really cool looking. Thie info you gave was facinating too!

  9. Good job, Diann! You are quite the talented treasure hunter. Thanks so much for all the information! And, by the way, I think your little ditty of a title worked perfectly...Very charming!

  10. Lovely pieces. Knowing the history makes you appreciate it more.

  11. Hi sweet lady...

    Ohhh my...I feel so much smarter after reading your informative post, Darlin! Wow...I really didn't know the start of Anchor Hocking or very interesting! You always find the prettiest pretties...I love your diamond cut vases and the pretty candle bowl! And...I love those beautiful blue and white cups! I have never seen the unicorn label but now I will know that it was formed from Wedgewood! Girlfriend, I love your pretty Spring votives...such pretty pastels and designs...they are lovely!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us today...I enjoyed your post!!! I really am enjoying the "trivia" posts...I like learning the history and or facts! I told Troy, that I guess you could teach an old dog new tricks! Hehe!

    Well sweet lady...have a fabulous day!!!
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...I'm still keeping an eye out for that pkg. I'll let you know when I get it!

  12. Wonderful finds, Diann! Love the Wedgwood tea cups and the pretty cut glass! The volitves are so charming! So lovely of you to share some interesting history.


  13. Great bargains, girl. Oh, and I loved reading about Michael's - how interesting! Linda

  14. I just figured the Old, New, Borrowed, Blue thing was just you being sentimental since we have a milestone anniversary coming up and all...

    Thanks for including me in your ppost and linking up this week.

    And you know... That bowl on the top... Guess what ity would be just perfect for?

  15. Diann,
    So happy to see you at my PAR-TAY and thanks for the info about Michael's...luv those cute .99 cent votives you got from there!



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