Rednesday+Outdoor Wednesday+Snow Storm


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Okay, onto the Wednesday post!

Today I am combining 2 fun blog parties, Rednesday over at "It's a Very Cherry World" and Outdoor Wednesday at "A Southern Daydreamer".

The other day we had another decent snow storm that dropped about 8-9 inches of snow. It snowed all day long. But, of course, I have to head out into it. And no, as shocking as it is, I did not go thrifting! LOL I actually had to do the blah errands of our lives (credit union, pay bills, pick up some fruit and veggies, all that lovely stuff).

Driving around, slowly, I was just amazed at the beauty of it all. So clean and pristine and quiet. Isn't it amazing at how much snow can buffer out a lot of the everyday noises? It almost gives off and eiry silence. And since it was coming down pretty good while I was out, it was almost peaceful driving on the side roads.

After doing my errands, I was working my way back toward our home and saw this sign at a local church. I even did a "U-ee" and went back and pulled in the driveway to take a couple of pictures of the sign for you. And I thought since the sign was a deep red, I would include it for Rednesday!

What a great thought for the day!

While I was taking these pictures, I saw a woman in her mid 60's shoveling out the driveway. She was wearing a red and black plaid wool skirt. I can't remember the last time I saw a woman shoveling snow in a skirt! I stopped by and asked her if she needed some help. She said she was pretty much done for the time being. She was the minister's wife. A very sweet and kind lady.

As a matter of fact, I passed about 12 people shoveling snow and all 12 of them were women. Hummm, interestng. LOL

I was passing the street I grew up on, my parents still live here (Yup, I only live about 5 minutes from my childhood home and my parents). At the end of the street it dead ends at The Huron River. Many a day was spent fishing down there and canoeing. No swimming! The undercurrent is not healthy at this part of the river. I thought I would drive down and get some pictures for you (even though it was not plowed and there is no turn around due to all the snow. yes I backed out of the area. LOL).

Getting as close as I dare to the edge of the bank to take a picture of the deep dark water. I had no idea were the bank was exactly with all the snow.

You can see the snow was still coming down as I took these pictures. Doesn't it have a quiet haunting feeling to it?

The picture above didn't come out as clear as I would have liked. It is my boot tracks walking up to the edge of the river to get some pictures. I destroyed the perfect pristine snow just to get the pictures!

As I was backing down the road, I passed this little park and thought I would stop for more pictures of the red playground equipment.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Stay warm and dry!! :)

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  1. Oh, I agree. Snow does cause everything to be so quiet. I love it. Its so peaceful. The pictures are beautiful. I really like the church sign. Isn't that the truth?

  2. Agreed. Church sign speaks the truth.
    Joyce M

  3. I also love how the snow makes everything so quiet. Muffles the everyday noise. Turns the world a grey and white...with notes of red here and there! Love that church sign.

  4. Oh, Diann, I hope this is it for the snow!

    Amen to the church announcement!

    Stay warm.

  5. Your pictures are just beautiful. So glad you were safe and brave enough to get such lovely pictures of the river.

  6. Such very lovely pictures! It is amazing how much snow you all have had.


  7. No matter how much we complain about more snow, it sure is beautiful, isn't it? You took some really great pictures, especially of the river. I guess the kids aren't going to be frolicking in that playground for a while!
    Happy REDnesday!

  8. Snow YUK! Even snowed here today again in SC, I just can't get over it! Come and see my outdoor post!

  9. Diann, since we moved south I've missed the snow, but this year even NC got some! your pics are wonderful
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Diann, Your river and snow pictures are beautiful. Nice work. And nice of you to offer to help the lady with shovelling, too!

  11. The church sign speaks the truth......I'm in Toronto way up north and we hardly had any snow this year at all........but when it's snowing it is beautiful and quiet..... but hate shovelling.........Erica :-)

  12. You have very lovely photos here and nice story of women shoveling snow. I like the church sign photo most.

  13. Love the church sign! Pretty snow pics but I am longing for spring!

  14. Thank you for sharing, the pictures are wonderful. I'm sitting here drinking a cuppa tea, reading blogs and...watching it snow again! Will spring ever get here??

  15. What a message! So true. I must admit I did not shovel as much as I should have this year to help my hubby. We had record making snowfall in this part of the country. Lovely shots of the neighborhood of your parents.
    Happy Wednesday.

  16. The sign speaks the truth. We are having snow here again today also. I love when it is snowing and the lovely quietness also. It is the day after and the clean up I could do without.

  17. I love your header--you inspire me to frugality! And what a great sign on your church. And I am sooo glad not to have that much snow. :)

  18. Love the red signs and am very jealous about the snow. We haven't had very much this year. Janis

  19. It's amazing to see what participants of rednesday come up with. Reds in the snow, really beautiful pictures! Red greetings, Floortje

  20. Shoveling in a skirt, that's a lady for ya. Your pictures of the snow by the river are hauntingly beautiful, Diann. Thanks for venturing out in that for us. Happy Reds~

  21. Wonderful photos....I remember the quiet that came with it snowing....and that sign is right on!!!!!!

  22. I can remember going cross country skiing one time and the flakes falling were big and fluffy. Ever so slowly they fell and we sat quietly at one point listening to them in the trees. Yes it was so quiet you could literally hear them fall. It was the most beautiful memory of snow that I have.

    Great photos!

  23. What beautiful photos and how very creative of you. You shared all your beautiful pics with us while at the same time you fulfilled the the Rednesday requirement as well as the Outdoor Wednesday one. You are a great multi-tasker!!

    Susan and Bentley

  24. Beautiful snow pics !

  25. You have such pretty snow photos this week! It will be over soon!


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