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Don't ya just love a surprise! The other day we stopped in at Salvation Army and browsed around. We didn't really find too many bargains. However, we did find this box of silverplated napkin rings. I love silver and use it on my tablescapes quite often so, I was happy to find these. They were in the original box

The napkin rings were pretty tarnished. I cleaned one so you could see how pretty they will be.

But wait! There was more in the box. And what to my wandering eyes did appear?

A set of red and green wood napkin rings!

Bonus! What a fun surprise!

Happy Rednesday y'all!!

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It is for this beautiful blue and white rose cake plate and server!!

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  1. Great find and bonus. Napkin rings are so expensive in the stores.

  2. Great Napkins rings~! you found some lovely treasures.

  3. Diann, How fun is that - to get another set of napkin rings in the deal! Both of them are great. I bet you'll use those silver ones a lot - so pretty. laurie

  4. Now that is a great find! Double the fun!

  5. Bonus buy!! Love the silver napkin rings and then to find the red & green one's also... :)
    Happy Rednesday!

  6. I love the red ones ... anything RED and Christmassy tugs at my strings!
    Happy REDnesday Diann!
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  7. Love finding hidden treasures. Aren't you glad that the store employees had not checked the content of that box.

    I am an auctioneers daughter and we often found hidden items in things that came to the auction barn. Once we had an old peddle sewing machine with a stuck drawer. When it was forced open we found it contain a large roll of money. Totaled over $500. A big shock for the family clearing our their parents estate.

  8. Love surprises like that! And I always love finding treasures still in the box- especially silver!
    xoxo Pattie

  9. Great find! Makes you wonder what other treasures are waiting for us to find. I get goosebumps just thinking about a junkin' venture!

  10. Lucky you! Two for the price of one and a good price it is!

  11. Those silver napkin rings will be just gorgeous when they're all polished up! And that was such a nice surprise to find the Christmas ones in there too. Is this the beginning of a collection maybe?!
    I'm going to miss your giveaways when the month is over! There's always such excitement over here when I visit!
    Happy REDnesday!

  12. Congratulations! Who would have guessed you were getting a "two-fer" that day!

  13. Wow, beautiful silver napkin rings, Diann. Cute ones for Christmas, too :) Happy REDS~

  14. How lucky of you to get a two-fer, love the silver napkin rings.

  15. Hi Diann! Lucky you finding that "bonus in a box!" Of course the silver ones are lovely, but the red ones are really cheery and cute!

  16. I have the exact same napkin rings that I purchased at a thrift store several months ago. Mine didn't have the bonus though!


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