A Red and White Wednesday!

Hi everyone! It' Rednesday and White Wednesday already! Wow, this week has been flying by. Stop by It's a Very Cherry World and check out all the reds people are showing us today. And then head over to Faded Charm and check out all the beautiful whites being shown!

We used to have a St. Vincent de Paul about 5 minutes from where I live. I loved that. I could drop off stuff in the middle of the night, which seems like the time I get the urge to do organizing. LOL With it being so close, whenever I filled a bag of a box with donation stuff, I could immediately run it over there. But, several years ago it burnt down. I really miss that store. now the closest one is about 20 minutes away. Not bad, but not "run over in the middle of the night in your pj's close".

I haven't really been shopping this thrift store very much. Last week the Little Princess and I decided to check it out. Although I found a few bargains, I don't see myself making any effort to go back any time soon.

I know we all have seen the thrift store prices go sky high but, the St. Vincent de Paul tops them all! I really need to start taking my camera with me when I go thrifting. Maybe I will take a trip back there in the near future just to take pictures of the pricing!

Any dish set that had at least 3 pieces for four people started at $35.00!! Now, this stuff wasn't vintage or antique or even uncommon in any way. I saw one set that should have had a 4th piece for each of the settings that you can head to your local Big Lots and purchase brand new for $19.99!! They had several sets of dishes on the floor that were well over $100.00! That is just insane! All of the prices were way overboard.

What I really should do is take pictures of these items and their prices and then go over to Big Lots and take pictures there and then write a letter to St. Vincent's Corporate office and included these pictures. Yes folks, that is the kind of thing I do!

This is straight from their website.....

Mission Statement
"To broaden the Vincenation mission by providing low-priced goods and services for our neighbors in need, so that they may live in dignity."

Vision Statement

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store will offer low-priced goods and services by invigorating volunteerism through partnerships with local Vincentians, businesses, schools, churches and other civic organizations.

I think it is time to revisit their Mission Statement!

Okay, enough about that. I know y'all stopped by to see some pretty red and white for the day and instead get Diann going of on a rant. Sorry LOL

So, with no further ado, here was one of the few bargains I found.

Isn't that a pretty platter! It is really a nice big one too. It is about 14" x 16". I think it wasn't marked high because it wasn't mass produced. there is no marking on the back and so I think someone made it. Doesn't matter to me. I just really liked it.

I love the shape of it with all it's scrolly flourishes and the creamy white works to use with so many different dishes.

And the bright red roses in the center just set it off!

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  1. That explains it! The people running our thrift shop must have worked for St. Vincent de Paul!! Good grief- are they insane!!??
    Absolutely love the platter
    xoxo Pattie

  2. This is such a cute platter. I love the red roses on it. I am going to a local Volunteers of America Thrift shop. They run a half price everything in the store sale on the last Wed. of each month which is tomorrow. There prices are cheaper than our Salvation Army and Goodwill and at half price, things are a steal. I will be there when the doors open @ 9 am!! Hope to post all of my goodies.

  3. The whole tablescape? Wow, that's a generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!
    I agree with you about St. Vincent. Ours is so expensive, which makes me mad because it's all donations, and that donation room is bursting at the seams. Even when it's half price day, I won't pay their prices. Ok, enough of that. Your platter is gorgeous! I can just imagine it hanging on a wall, or displayed in some way so that you can see it all the time!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!
    Happy REDnesday!

  4. There are 2 St Vinnies close to me and both are priced crazy. The same $35 for dishes, $10 for a small vase. Sometimes, they get really good furniture but really their prices always puts me off. My Savers has the best prices!

  5. Diann,

    I admire anyone who takes the time to follow through on their convictions. It is the only grass roots way to affect change.

    So go get em'! :-)


  6. You have to wonder who sets the prices? I was at my local consignment store last week (prices also through the roof) and they were selling an Estee Lauder (free gift with purchase) plastic tote bag for $20.00 - I told the sales girl and they actually changed it (to $10.00) still too much. Never mind that stuff - your plate is delicious ~ love the scrolley edges.

  7. I just love your platter and I'm glad you found a bargain on it. Can't believe the prices you were mentioning. Yikes!

    Happy Easter!

  8. Great plate...KWYM about thrift store prices...they keep going up...sometimes higher than antique store prices...makes it no fun.
    Happy Easter!

  9. I love your platter, the red roses are beautiful.

  10. Your platter is just beautiful. I'm glad you were able to score a hit!! I have noticed around here, that the prices in the thrift stores are quite high...almost can get somethings at the antique stores for the same price or better.

  11. Our local St. Vincent went out of business...I wonder why?...
    Your platter is really cute!

  12. That platter is so very cute!!!! I am so appalled at prices these days. It is also hit or miss, one store may be reasonable and another sky high. It is really a challenge! Obviously one I love....but still who do they think will buy the overpriced stuff?

  13. I agree with you about the prices. They're donated goods for heaven's sake! Love the platter.

  14. You go, girl! Granted, we "professional" thrifters (lol) love a bargain, but what about the people that really need the cheap stuff? They deserve pretty items that are priced low!

  15. I can't believe the prices. The platter is pretty. I love the lines and the shape of the handles! ~ Dandelion Farmgal

  16. absolutely delightful! I love that platter! Happy, Happy Easter Whites to you!

  17. Oh Diann, marks wouldn't mean much to me either in this case. This serving dish is BEAUTIFUL! What a lucky find! ~tina

  18. I, too get really upset at how high the prices are at some of the thrift stores around here. When you can buy the same thing new at a better price there's a problem. Thanks for sharing today.

    Happy WW.


  19. Love that plate Diann and great way to get two posts in one with that plate..

    And girl, you WRITE that letter. We do have a St. Vincent de Paul store in our area and also a charter in our Church...wait till I tell the president about this that runs it here...

    I have noticed at one of our Christian Benefit stores the prices have gone UP huge..I know they are trying to make money also,,,but they don't need to jack up prices that high..I go to one Christian thrift store and get a three piece outfit for 2 dollars, go back to the other one and a two piece outfit is 6 dollars..I DON'T THINK SO...didn't bother buying it.

  20. I agree about the 'thrift store' issue. Since we moved to a new are about a year ago I have been amazed at what passes for thrift store pricing. I have determined in my own mind that it is because of all so-called 'antique stores' in this area that tend to attract tourists.

  21. Pretty white platter with the roses, Diann. I've noticed St. Vinny's being higher priced on most things, but I have found some steals there, too. Sally Army is better price-wise. Happy REDnesday~

  22. I believe the reason thrift stores are charging high prices is because it is now trendy to shop at them. There are TV shows about junkin' and more people are looking for a bargain so they can resell on Ebay and make money! That is one of my pet peeves when I ask someone at a yard sale what the price of an article is and they start giving me a song and dance about what they could get for it on Ebay! Well, sell it on Ebay and not at a yardsale then! Sorry for getting carried away. The platter is a great find, mark or no mark. Who cares as long as you love it!

  23. Its really beautiful!!! I love everything about it!


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