Oh, For The Love Of Teacups!


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You all know by now that I LOVE my teacup and saucer collection! I also love to collect all things tea related. My collection started when I was quite young and my Great Grandmother gave me my first china teacup and saucer. It is still the number one treasure of my collection. The whole ritual of having a relaxing tea almost seems like a lost art. I try to have tea with all the "tea trimmings" at least 4 times a week. It relaxes me and gives me a little "getaway" for the moment.

I have never bought just a teacup. I always buy the matching teacup and saucer. However, a while back, I was out thrifting and was at the flea market and I watched a vendor straightening his tables. What caught my eye was he had lots of teacups and saucers. What I observed (from standing at a different vendors booth) was he did NOT have a love for teacups. he was handling them with no care. This actually made me sad. I know, I am a wimp but, I really find teacups little pieces of art and I handle them as such.

Finally, I couldn't resist, I headed to his booth. He greeted me with just a nod. He was obviously having a bad day. I looked over his table and he had some beautiful teacup and saucer sets. I mean, absolutely stunning! But, his prices were just too high for me. The lowest priced set seem to be $10.00. I have never paid over $5.00 for a set before. And I have only paid that price twice! But, I enjoyed looking at them all.

I told the vendor he had some beautful sets. He said thanks. Not real talkative, this one. Before I moved on, I saw a milk crate sitting on the floor kind of tucked under his table. A sign taped to it said, "Everything .25 cents". Hello? You know me and my .25 cent stuff! LOL So, I bent down and pulled the crate out and started going through it. It mainly had little glass bud vases, plastic bowls, odds and ends drinking glasses, you know the stuff. Well, about half way through the crate I found this little teacup with a chip in it. No saucer, just a very dirty dusty teacup.

The poor lonely abused teacup! So, as you guessed, it came home with me. I am going to use it for little twist ties from bread wrappers in the kitchen. I'm always needing them and they are generally just thrown into a "catch-all" drawer in the kitchen.

The teacup is marked with this on the bottom....

Marked: CORONADO H & C, Made in Bohemia, Patent Pending, Czechoslovakia

The only thing I have found out about this cup is that "H & C" stands for Haas/Czjek and the line called Coronado has a lot of designs in it and as far as I can tell, this line was made between 1919-1937. I could not find this design and color scheme anywhere. I am so not good at searching out my china! LOL

I did however, find out more about Bohemia.

Coat of Arms of Bohemia

Some trivia:

**Bohemia’s name comes from a Celtic people known as the Boii, though the Slavic Czechs were firmly established in the region by the 5th or 6th century ad

**historic country of central Europe that was a kingdom in the Holy Roman Empire and subsequently a province in the Habsburgs’ Austrian Empire. Bohemia was bounded on the south by Austria, on the west by Bavaria, on the north by Saxony and Lusatia, on the northeast by Silesia, and on the east by Moravia. From 1918 to 1939 and from 1945 to 1992 it was part of Czechoslovakia, and since 1993 it has formed much of the Czech Republic.

**Conflicts between Protestants and Roman Catholics culminated in 1618 in a Protestant revolt against the Habsburgs. The Roman Catholic forces of the empire defeated the Bohemian Protestants at the Battle of the White Mountain (Nov. 8, 1620), and the emperor Ferdinand I was able to reassert Habsburg authority over Bohemia. The country lost its status as a kingdom and was henceforth subjected to the absolutist rule of the Habsburgs. Protestantism was suppressed, and most of the population gradually converted to Roman Catholicism. Bohemia was stripped of the two Lusatias in 1635 and of Silesia in the mid-18th century, by which time it had been thoroughly absorbed into the Austrian Empire—a state of affairs that would last until the early 20th century.

**From 1945 to 1949 Bohemia was once more the westernmost province of Czechoslovakia, but in the latter year it and the other provinces (Moravia and Slovakia) were replaced by new, smaller districts. Bohemia’s long administrative existence thus came to an end.

Source and quotes from Encyclopedia Britannica


Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties. Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.

The term bohemian, of French origin, was first used in the English language in the nineteenth century[1] to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, journalists, musicians, and actors in major European cities. Bohemians were associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment political or social viewpoints, which were often expressed through free love, frugality, and/or voluntary poverty.

Source: Wikipedia

(Oh, am I a bohemian? LOL)

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  1. That teacup is a beauty. Glad you found it. I hate it when treasures are not loved by the owners, but that is the way of some sellers.

  2. aww what a cute little tea cup! I'm glad that you found this little one and gave it a great loving forever home :)

  3. What a pretty teacup. Love that the design is inside too. laurie

  4. That is a pretty little teacup! Glad you found it and brought it home with you!


  5. I would love to see all of your teacup collection. Glad you could rescue that cute little cup from the 25 cent box. Thanks for the info. about it too.

  6. Oh, that is a nice teacup! You could put it with many different colors. It looks great for such a bargain price.

  7. What a sweet little beauty! And at such a bargain. Great find.


  8. She is a real beauty...luv your idea for the twist ties...much better than the junk drawer! Thanksfor linking up to my first NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS party...hope to see you next week:)


  9. I love tea anything! I think that teacup you rescued is so pretty. The decoration so delicate....and I always love the little surprise in the bottom of the cup!
    Mary Lou

  10. Very cute! And it sounds like his prices were high anyway- probably why he was having a bad day!
    xoxo Pattie

  11. I'm glad you rescued that beautiful teacup! I'm a tea lover too! And it will be perfect for holding twist ties!

    Kat :)

  12. What a sweet little tea cup and I especially like it because of the pattern inside of the cup. I'm glad you spot the sale crate and rescued this little pretty....hugs, Linda

  13. I love the charm of the wonderful tea cup!
    smiles, alice

  14. What a sweet little teacup and a very interesting history!
    Thank you for stopping over at my blog and leaving a sweet comment.
    Hugs, Cindy S.

  15. Oooh... from one teacup lover to another!! Great find and perfect price...well no.... perfect would be free...but this was pretty darn close!! Enjoyed the trivia! Hugs!!

  16. That teacup would of had to come home with me too!! What a bargain for .25!!

  17. I think back to all the time we spent on the road, wandering, as it were, from one place to another, living what, for many, could be considered a very unconventional lifestyle.

    I never thought of us as Bohemian, I just thought we were having adventures.

    Thanks for joining Tuesday Trivia Tie-in. I can always count on you to find a way to find a way to connect your interests with mine.

  18. Beautiful little teacup. I have a set similar but with gold and red trimmings. I cant seem to find much information on it either.I was mainly looking to learn the name of the pattern.


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