A New Party Over At Laurie's Place!

Laurie, over at "Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie" is having a new weekly party called A Few of My Favorite Things Saturday!

Since Laurie has given us free rein as to what we can post, you can talk about and show whatever are your favorite things.

To start out this new party, I am going to show my teacups. Well, at least a portion of my teacup collection that is. Y'all know by now that I collect teacups and have for a very long time. And they are definitely one of my favorite things!

Where are all my teacups? Why, in the bathroom of course! LOL This is our small half bath which is fondly referred to as the teacup bathroom. It's the only room in the house that has the whole Shabby Chic kinda thing happening.

Now, don't mind the dust and the shelves have to be repainted (which is on the very long 'to-do list' I have!).

I rotate out my teacups a few times a year. I have no room to display them all. I once used all my teacups at one time. I hosted a bridal shower for a friend of mine and it was a Victorian tea. All of my teapots, creamers, sugar bowls and other tea items came out and were used. I had such a blast hosting this shower.

I don't collect teacups and saucers for any type of monetary value. I just really think each one is just a beautiful piece of art.

It all started when I was about 13 years old. My Great Grandmother taught me the art of having tea. When she died, I received her tea set. It wasn't the fanciest, most expensive or even the prettiest set of china. A lot of pieces had long been broke and so it was just a small set of what was left. But, she always treated her tea set with the utmost care. And so for me, it is still my favorite pieces.

Are you wondering if I clean them all on a regular basis? Well, twice a year I take them all down and give them a good soaking. But, I have a cup or two of tea almost every night. I rotate which teacups I use. So, they are always being taken down, washed, used, re-washed and put back. I really believe in using pretty things in our daily lives. They are meant to be used.

Troy buys me at least one new teacup and saucer each year for Christmas. He generally finds them on Ebay however, he has found some from unusual places. One of the sets he took a lot of ribbing over. All the guys in my family went to a tractor show a couple of years ago. A manly kind of event. While they were discussing the best tractors, Troy noticed a small quilt show and flea market going on in the far corner of the fairgrounds. He found a teacup and saucer there that was very different and bought it for me. My brothers now kid him by saying things like, "Hey Troy, there is a monster truck show going on. Maybe they will have some teacups there!" Of course, one brother has never been married and the other, well, let's just say he has not had any success in marriages! LOL

Whenever I get a new teacup and saucer, I put it in the "place of honor" until I get another new one. I just got a new one (A gift from my friend Linda) which isn't up yet because I plan to show it to you later this week. So, this last picture is my most recent teacup and saucer acquisition.

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  1. Wow Diann I know you said you collected teacups but you have an awesome collection, and these are just 'some' of them. I enjoyed the photos. I think you should show us each time you change out and rotate the teacup bathroom! The one I sent you isn't nearly as pretty as these! Fun new party I will join in for sure.

  2. Diann, they're just beautiful! And what a good guy to take that ribbing for your tea cups! LOL I love the shelf too
    xoxo Pattie

  3. What a gorgeous collection. Oh, do show them more often. I like drooling over them. You sure have a sweetie for a hubby. I was kind of surprised that you didn't tell us that you found them for next to nothing. LOL! How sweet of your grandma for spending tea time with you.

  4. Wow Diann, not only do you have a fabulous teacup collection, I love how you have them displayed. Beautiful!


  5. What an awesome collection you have Diann, Girl I could not pick out just one I loved there all just beautiful...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Your collection is really beautiful! I love the purple one on the top, 2nd from right...looks like Shelley but whatever it is, it's lovely as they all are. I had fun ooohing and ahhhing at all the pretty cups and saucers.

  7. Love your cups! It's hysterical to me that the only "shabby" room in your house is your half bath. That's exactly what I had to do when I first got married - my husband couldn't deal with all the fru-fru! Now my shabby room is my work/craft room. When I finally get it de-cluttered I'll actually post some pics!

  8. What a pretty collection. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. These are all so pretty. Great collection.

  10. Hi Diane,
    These are gorgeous! And what a sweet hubby you have to shop for you! I love that you use them and truly enjoy them. Do you have pictures of your shower you gave with all your sets? That would be another super post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. WOW! What a great collection!!
    I'm partial to the ones with violets/pansies... my birthday flowers!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment!

  12. You have a beautiful collection of china and the way you have displayed them is just lovely-Can see why they are your favourites!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha, Stacey and Holly.

  13. Hi! I really love all your teacups! I have some of the same ones in my collection and at my shop! I really love the teacup holder on the last one (so lacey). I am new to your blog and enjoyed my visit, Karen

  14. You have quite a collection of tea cups! I used to have a little collection, and recognize a few of yours. I was always partial to the pansy cups and yours is gorgeous with the little silver holder.


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