Just a Rainy Day Ramble

It's pouring rain right now so, I am just going to ramble for awhile because that seems to be the thing to do on a rainy day. LOL

The weather has gotten a little warmer this week so, I was looking forward to today being a "paint all the crap...er treasures I have accumulated for redo's over the past winter" day. I even spent yesterday doing some deep cleaning in the living room. You know, kinda of a bribe to myself, "Ok Diann, you can play with paint tomorrow if you do one major cleaning project today" kinda thing. I feel totally ripped off! What? I did the work and now I don't get a reward? So, not right!

One of the things I was going to repaint was this little Easter tree I got for under a dollar at a thrift store. It is pretty yellowed so, I was going to spruce it up a bit before I hung the little ornaments on it. Speaking of which, at a different thrift store I found a large ziplock bag of three boxes of the little tiny ornament for this tree for $1.25! What luck! I was going to "create" some ornaments to put on it.

Wow, I just got up and took a picture of this tree. See, it really is a dark gloomy rainy day. All the blinds are open and it is still very dark. Guess I should have turned on some lights to take the picture. What a poor scraggly looking tree. Kinda like a Charlie Brown Easter Tree! And yes, it had the one little ornament hanging on it when I bought it. LOL I guess I will just hang the little ornaments on it and call it a day.

I bet you didn't know that I took a little break from typing and decorated the little tree did ya? I'm sneaky that way. LOL After I saw how pathetic the tree looked, I figured I might as well just decorate it and surprise the Little Princess when she comes down from upstairs. She will just love it.

I got the little wooden Easter box at a thrift store to for .45 cents. It makes the tree a little cuter. Of course, turning the lights on helped out a lot. LOL

One of the most awesome things I have discovered through the eyes of a two year old, is she could care less how much you pay for something She is all about the "Ohhh and Ahhhs" of life. Some silly $1.00 item can make her face light up. And that smile is worth a gazillion dollars to me!

I love all the beautiful and more subdued holiday decorations however, for as long as I can get that bright eyed look of wonderment from the Princess, I will keep buying silly fun holiday decorations. I know these years are going to pass way too quickly and I want to enjoy every minute of them. I know when she sees the tree she is going to light up and announce, "Mama! A little bunny! Another little bunny! Oh Mama, we got bunches of little bunnies!!" And then she will talk to each and every bunny on that tree. LOL All that excitement and joy for about $2.00 is a steal!!

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  1. That tree is so cute! Love those little bunny ornaments. Great finds as usual. Through the eyes of a child the world is a completely different place! It was rainy and gray here yesterday, today some sunshine!

  2. Oh, that tree is soooo cute! What a fun Easter decoration!

  3. I never would have thought about painting my tree that I have...oh girl...I'm so glad I came here today...guess what I will be doing with mine...I should today too,like you..It's so grey and gloomy outside. I posted my little Easter tree on Wednesday I think..oh ya, yesterday..oh my goodness..it's thursday,LOL

  4. How sweet to enjoy your little precious one. It reminds me of many years ago when mine were like that. Your baby isn't alone, though. I get excited over $1.00 items, too. lol. Rainy & gloomy here today, too.

  5. Oh Diann, you are so right to enjoy her now- it goes so fast! And "subdued" isn't all it's cracked up to be! :)
    xoxo Pattie and Allie


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