Just a Quiet Moment

I just need a moment please. A quiet little retreat. An escape for just a few precious minutes. A little barrier between me and my world. Blocking out "Mama! Mama! Treat please!!" or "Diann? Do you know where....is?" A sinus infection, a headache, gone for a small window of time.

Ahhh, just a quiet moment.

A soothing cup of tea is called for. Just a little pretty moment for me. An old rose teacup on a pretty silver tray. Nothing special just pretty.

Add a found little creamer and some very cheap fake roses. Even after-Valentine Day clearanced roses from Michael's can make me smile.

A little old tarnished silver teaspoon and a new mercury glass candle holder sit peacefully together.

Someone from the past's treasure graces my quiet moment. I often wonder who "G" was.

Time to dim the lights, light the candles and relax. Quiet my space, my mind and drift away for just a moment.

Thank you for being quiet while visiting me. Would like you like to join me?

Don't forget this week's giveaway! These beautiful set of 4 salad plates!!

I am joining a couple of lovely blogs and their weekly "escape" parties.

Visit Cielo at her blog, "The House in the Roses" for Show Off Your Cottage on Monday

On Tuesday, visit.....

Wanda at "The Plumed Pen" Tuesday Tea for Two

"Rose Chintz Cottage & Inspiration" for Tea Time Tuesday

"Martha's Favorites" and "Artful Afirmations" for Tea Cup Tuesday & Tea cup Tuesday

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  1. Lovely tea! I hope you had a nice break!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Looks like a lovely quiet moment. Hope it was refreshing! Love that teacup and creamer...so sweet.

  3. I got relaxed just reading your post! I hope you were able to enjoy your quiet time.

  4. This is all so beautiful!! I love tea time!


  5. What a lovely presentation for tea. I'd like to join in. Lovely post.

  6. I really love the rose colored tea set! It's just so classy and neat!

  7. I'm absolutely delighted that you could partake!~These relaxing teatime pictures are so tranquil and pretty!.., Thanks for joining us for , 'Tuesday Tea For Two' @ The Plumed Pen dear lady!..,!

    (There are many more pictures posted since last night, if you'd care to take a little peek)!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  8. Now that Mr. Linky is up, I've posted your link; I hope I got the info., correct for you!

    ~(I realize that people generally post thier own links, yet I thought I'd save you having to go back to post your link, whereas thankfully I have your information from the comment you left, indicating that you were planning to participate)~ I hope that's alright with you.., ( Also, the link seems to work just fine)!~ If you have any questions or need anything changed, please just let me know!..,

    Once again, thanks so much for partaking with our tea;(my second time visiting your tea post today, everything looks just as beautiful, and yet I find I have noticed even more exquisite little details than before)!~Beautiful!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  9. Yes, I would love to join you. I think we all need those moments sometimes
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Those are gorgeous tea cups, they look so pretty with the candle light next to them! Great tea, thanks so much!!~

  11. Diann, This vignette is truly lovely...it's a peaceful, quiet relaxing setting - just what you seemed to be needing. The rose teacup and saucer are gorgeous! Love the creamer and the fancy handkerchief. You pay attention to all the lovely little details, and it shows!
    Blessings to you - Beth

  12. Special moment, lovely teacup!!!
    Thanks for your visit.

  13. What a pretty setting for your beautiful Tea Cup! And how tranquil and graceful your words sounded! I run our Church Flea Market and I always think about the things that are donated esp. when someone is cleaning out Grandma's house after Grandma has passed on. I get great joy in passing those items that were once treasured by someone onto someone else to treasure and then in turn, give them another life.

  14. Hi Diann...

    Ohhh...what a sweet tea tray! Of course, I'm whispering right now...so as not to ruin the moment! Hehe! What a beautiful tea cup...I love that pretty pattern with those sweet pink roses! It's gorgeous! Beautiful roses, beautiful linens, beautiful candlelight...hmmm, just doesn't get any better than this! Thank you for sharing your tea with us, my friend!!!

    Ohhh...I'm so sorry to hear that you're a bit under the weather with a sinus infection! I just got over one...no fun at all! Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way, sweet lady!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. Lovely... and so serene... thank you for participating in our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" moments... hope to see you soon.... have a nice day...


  16. Oh, Diann, your teacup is lovely, as is your presentation! I love the mercury glass votive holder too.
    Sorry you're a bit under the weather today. I will try to talk quietly.
    If you would like to join me for Tea Time Tuesday, just add my Tea Time button to your post and I'll put your link on my post. If you would like to, you can let me know on Monday and I'll add your link to my post next week. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely day.


  17. Dianne all I am going to say is I think I must have seen you at that very same concert!!~ And thank you for understanding my love!!~ Oh man, it was some crush I tell you!!~ I still get a little flutter LOL!!~

  18. Hi again,
    I'm tickled to have you join me for Tea Time Tuesday, Diann! I have added your link to my post and I am going to sign up as a Follower too so I will have easy access to your blog. Thanks for joining me today and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  19. Hi Diann, thank you for visiting my blog on Tea Cup Tuesday.
    Your tea cup and setting is very inspiring! I love the scene you set and the mood.
    Relax......aaahhhhh, yes, that is nice!

  20. A lovely relaxing tea!

    Take care,

  21. Oh Diann... I so hear you! I just got over a sinus infection. Thank you for sharing your quiet moment with us and your beautiful teacup too!!


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