I Took a Two Day Break!

Holy Cow! I just took a two day break from blogging and the Internet! I wasn't sure I could do it! LOL I have been blogging for a year now and out of those 365 days, I have blogged 361 of them. I have posted over 1300 posts! I decided to take a little break.

Not only did I take a break from blogging, I actually stepped away from the computer completely! At first it was touch and go as to whether or not I as going to be able to do this! LOL But, I have to say, it was pretty liberating.

The weather has warmed up here even though it has ,of course, been a major rainy couple of days. All the snow has been washed away. And I just decided I wanted to rejoice in the possibility that Spring might actually be heading this way.

One day the princess and I decided it would be fun to go on a "Bunny Hunt". She wasn't exactly sure why we were doing his but, since she is not into the "I need to know why" but, instead she is all about the "Who cares, I am going to look at bunnies!" mode we headed out thrifting with a mission! Armed with a bottle of water for me and a sippy cup of apple juice for her, we hit the thrift stores!

I just wanted to find a few cute things to use for decorating for Easter. I also wanted lower prices than the dollar stores. Yes, I know, I am a bit cheap. LOL. Well, let me tell you, we found lots of goodies! We found a few cute little things to add to Easter tablescapes, some fun Easter decor to be put around here and there and of course a couple of things that had absolutely nothing to do with Easter. LOL

The people in the aisles at the thrift store were cracking up at my little 2 year old's vocabulary. You see, she is one smart little cookie and picks thing up very quickly. As we wandered down the dish aisle she would announce to everyone within ear shot "Ohhh, pretty dishes for Mama's tablescapes!" Yes, not only does this 2 year old know and completely understand what a tablescape is, she also uses the verb form of the word "tablescaping" on a regular basis! When went down the candleholder aisle she let everyone know that candles are needed for a tablescape. Women all around us are chuckling to themselves. Princess takes the whole tablescaping very seriously. She informs everyone around that we need to go and look for "Leemons" next. That is her word for linens. She knows what they are, and what they are used for. What have I done to this poor child?!

This little girl is better than a bloodhound when it came to spotting cute little decorative bunnies! She spotted them before I did. So, we ended up with a bunch on fun Easter things after all our shopping.

We decided to visit my mom and dad afterward. When we got to my parent's house, my mom was in the middle of setting the table for dinner. She was having my nephews over and was just doing the normal everyday table. The princess got excited and announced that "Grandmama is tablescaping!" My mom looked at her with a little bit of befuddlement. And then she was properly chastised for doing an improper tablescape! LOL She informed my mom that there were no candles on the table! My mom had to go and scrounge of a couple of candles to put on her "tablescape". LOL The princess felt better about that.

My teenage nephews were quite impressed by the candles on the table when they arrived. One of them asked, "Um Grandma, I thought we were just having tacos. What's up with the candles?" She explained. And of course, my nephews become this big pile of goo when they are near the princess and so they completely agreed that it was a much better table now. LOL So, the 14, 16 and 17 year old boys ate tacos with cloth napkins, a couple of little birds staring at them (gotta have the little knick knacks, per princess) and by the glow of candlelight. The princess was happy! LOL

When we got home she begged me for her own leemon so, I went through our everyday cloth napkins and gave her one. She promptly went into the living room and "created' a tablescape. She called both Troy and I in to look at it and then asked us to take a picture of her tablescape.

And this my friends is the princess's first tablescape.

I have absolutely no idea where or how the heart appeared in the bottom of her bowl. There is no heart in and I can't even figure out how a heart shape shadow appeared. You will notice that she decided to do a "Spring" tablescape with all the purple, pink and pastels.

And the "thinking outside of the box" creativity is quite interesting. She chose not to go with the traditional vertical placement of the utinsels. instead, opting for the horizontal placement.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

And don't forget, tomorrow night ends my two giveaways going on! You can check them out on my sidebar under "giveaways'!!

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  1. I am so in love with this child! I hope when I have grandchld she loves 'tablescaping' with grandma! whoops she or he....lol. Glad you had a fun time and I noticed you were gone but we all have to step away sometimes. Missed you and just glad eveything is ok!!!

  2. What a precious story! I just love a creative child! My grandson is very outspoked too! Always giving advice. Thanks!
    smiles, alice

  3. Oh my gosh! That is soooooo sweet! You are raising her to be a proper little young lady! I'm sure you are lovin every minute of it! Who wouldn't! What a great story! And of course that tablescape of your little princess is just perfect!


  4. Oh, my! I just about cried from laughing so hard. My son's little girl is the same way! She INSISTS on cloth napkins- no paper because Grandma says so! Now I miss her even more
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Oh, that is the most adorable story. What a precious little lady she is. How sweet she sounds. I love the new horizontal look for the flatware. I see a future Martha Stewart there. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Mini table scaper! I love it! What a pretty place she set!

  7. That was the cutest darn story Ive ever read, I have all boys and they could care less what the table looks like, as long as there is food on it. You definitly have a little treasure. Thank you for sharing , Im so happy I found you in blog land.

  8. That is the best story ever!! Your two year old princess is awesome!! My 22 yr old loved doing anything that involved setting the table and making it pretty ever since I can remember and now she does amazing things with her own table for her own little family. I think it is so fun to pass this love of tablescaping down to our children. Way to go!


  9. Love your story! Our family has its own Princess, also in the form of a 2 year old. Aren't they wonderful at that age? Makes you really watch your Ps & Qs around them. What sponges they are. You never know what they will pick up from you and repeat later. Give her a hug for me, even though she doesn't know me, and tell her I loved her tablescape.

  10. That is such an adorable story!! I can just picture her walking the aisles of the thrift store talking about tablescaping.....you have one little Martha Stewart on your hands.
    Her first tablescape looks better than any table I have done!!


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