I Do Love Amber Glass!

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Don't you just love amber colored glass pieces? I do! And I have a nice little collection of them now. I use them quite frequently in decorating (especially in the Fall) and on tablescapes. When light hits amber glass, it just gives the most beautiful shimmer! And candlelight dancing off amber glass is well, just stunning!

So, when I saw this beautiful dish at the thrift store, I just fell in love with it! I thought for sure it was going to be way over priced. Haven't you noticed the serious climb in prices at thrift stores lately? It's insane! Let's see....we are in a recession, people have lost their homes, their jobs and are struggling just to get by and the charity thrift stores jack up their prices! Oh, okay, that sounds right! Whoa! I didn't mean to go off there! LOL I already have gone off on a rant or two on this blog regarding this issue so, I will just shut up now and show the dish! LOL

Amazingly enough, it had a sticker price of $2.99. Not bad but, it was a green sticker and it was green sticker day so I got it for $1.49. Much better price! Honestly, I was really surprised that it was still there because I went to the store late in the day. Of course, I found it in the wrong section of the store. I just happen to be one of those thrifters that has no problem plopping my tush right down on the nasty dirty floor and search through all the items on bottom shelves. Yup, I would be that lady you have to try to get your cart around because I am sitting there on the floor with all the dishes pulled out and sitting around me! LOL I have found a lot of hidden treasures that were tucked in with other items on the bottom shelves that most people don't even notice.

I have to admit, I kind of wonder about this type of find. This dish was so obviously not in the right area. It was inside a plastic bowl with other old plastic bowls on top. You couldn't even see it at all. I am thinking someone hid it there. I just happen upon it because I was looking for some large plastic bowls in good condition for our "popcorn nights".

I am going to use this new find for Easter. I know, not really an Easter kind of decor item huh? But, I think it will be very pretty on a side table in the living room with a little bit of Easter grass and some decorative Easter Eggs. Maybe a little bunny or two. Don't you like to use one of your beautiful finds in an unpredictable way? I do, it just adds that pretty little extra element.

Oh, and this is a little "Cute Bargain Alert"!! LOL I was at The Christmas Tree Shops the other day and was browsing the Easter decorations. I saw these adorable little ceramic egg holders. They are only .89 cents each. I know they are going to go fast! I wasn't planning on buying any Easter items during this little trip but, I also noticed that these cute little egg holders were getting chipped up real fast on the shelves. So, I dug through them and found one of each of the four colors they had that were not chipped yet. So, if you live near one of these stores, I thought you might want the "heads up"!

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  1. I do love ambered glass, any colored glass really! Those are great finds Miss thrifty for sure!

  2. Oh Sweetie...
    This dish is exquisite. So beautiful and I love the pattern in the center. I am in agreeance with you, someone must have hid it, thinking they would come back for it on the clearance day. You are like me, I too plop down and dig in. I love it.

    I have not heard of this Christmas Tree Store and these little chickies are just the cutest darn things I have ever seen. I love them. Thank you for sharing, but I don't think it is a shop here in Phoenix, anyway I have never heard of them. I will go online and see what I can find about them. Thank you for sharing though. Love it.

    Have a beautiful Friday sweetie. I have signed up for your rooster charger plates. My gosh they are so beautiful.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. I also love the amber glass and I think it will look great for Easter, soft cream colored eggs and soft yellows...beautiful. I do think people hide things in thrifts...I have found some wonderful stuff in amazing places in a store and thought...huh? Glad you found it and for 1/2 price. Thrift prices are so high right now drives me crazy! I have had to walk away from some items just too high!

  4. That dish is beautiful. Gosh you could use it at Easter and again in the fall. What a great price. I, too, have noticed that a couple of the thrift stores have gotten too pricey on some of their items. Maybe when flea markets and garage sales start up, they'll drop their prices.

  5. Wow, beautiful amber glass, what a wonderful find, and I think your little egg holders are adorable! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  6. I love those cute little egg holders. I wish we had that store here!!

  7. I would say your new treasure was hidden away for one such as you...what a find for you. And cute egg holders...

  8. I love amber glass! That plate would have jumped right into my cart! I'm sure you're right and someone hid it. I really wish we had som Christmas Tree Shops here- I keep seeing all these great finds on everyone else's blogs
    Honestly, I've been ranting about the thrift store prices lately. Why would people go there if they can get a better deal at Home Goods?!
    xoxo Pattie

  9. What a pretty little dish and how great that you are willing to "dig" to find the best pieces and at such bargain prices! I'm sure it will look lovely as part of your Easter display!

    Kat :)

  10. Those egg holders will look cute with colored Easter eggs in them.

  11. Love the amber glass and you know I love the Christmas Tree Shops. Does yours have the cute Easter Putz houses?? I bought several of those. We are going to visit there again on Sunday. Can't wait to see what else they got in!!

  12. Love your glass! The chick egg cups are great too!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. I love amber glass too and saw some cute egg cups with farm animals at Ross but not that "cheep"

  14. Great give aways and love the dishes -- but those cute little egg holders are a hoot!

    Thanks for joining in our Fun with FFB ;)

    Have a blessed weekend.


  15. the bottom shelf - the best place in flea markets too!

  16. What lovely amber glass! Methinks you're the queen of bargains ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,


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