Do you Facebook? Twitter?

I am just curious, do you guys Twitter or do a lot of Facebook-ing? I have both but, to be honest, I forget about them most of the time. I am trying to do just quick announcements on Twitter. I don't really do any conversation in Twitter. It feel like a big bulletin board to me. Just quick blips here and there. I have attended "Twitter parties" and just found them confusing.

As far as Facebook, I am trying to use that more often. Just to post a little info or something that I just feel like sharing that doesn't seem to justify a blog post.

I blog everyday. Sometimes I have more than one blog post a day. That takes a lot of time. Things like Twitter and Facebook is even more time on the computer.

So, how do you manage your computer time? Trying to balance blogging, a two year old, a husband, cleaning, keeping up the house, taking care of the bills, doing the cooking, doing the shopping, working, Ebaying, socializing and all the million other things that go on is just a LOT of things! So, I am curious, do you have a set schedule? A routine that works for you? I would love to hear how all of you handle all the things you having going on in your lives.

Back to the whole Twitter and Facebook thing. I have links to both of my accounts on my sidebar. If you just want to hear quick updates or announcements from me, follow me on Twitter. I will just be making the quickie announcements there. If you want little blips of what is going on with me or some great sale I found or things like that, check out my Facebook account. Keeping it real, I doubt I will ever get into the whole lots of conversation on either Twitter or Facebook. I just don't have the time for that.

Okay, this was just a little 'curiosity" post. Continue on with your lives now. LOL And enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Hi Diann!

    I can barely get the time to blog...I don't do anything other than post. I don't even do google followers.... I would like to but I am so short on time. I think if you really want a blog to grow you must do all of those.
    I am reconsidering some of these....thanks for asking!!!

    You do a great job with your blog! I need to update the side bars and have been remiss when offered awards too. I have been working on a book and non-profit aspects and have a hard time balancing it all!

    love, kelee

  2. Hi Diann. I use facebook, I began it to keep up with family, but use it alot now. I do not Twitter. I spend time in the morning and evening online and off and on during the day. I don't really organize it, it just happens.

  3. Hey Diann!

    I don't do facebook or twitter. I don't think that I would ever do either of them. I don't understand the myspace thing and think it is just crazy. But that's just me!

    I have a laptop so I'm online all the time. I will do some house work and then get back on the computer when I'm resting! lol It is addictive! But I like to think of it like this. If I were the type of person who was to read a book I'm sure I would be reading books as much as I read blogs and I personally think blogs are more interesting!

  4. No Twitter here, but Facebook is very active- it's how we keep up with family and friends and I found a whole new blog audience there. Time is always in short supply!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. I tweeted one time and now I have tons of followers. I assume they are spammers.
    I don't do face book, but I may soon start cuz I'm realizing its the only way to stay in the loop with family.

  6. I don't tweet and usually only check my FB page once a day, that is if I think about it. I spend more time tinkering around my blog and visiting other sweet blogs like yours. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  7. I mostly facebook, but since I blog now, I hardly go on:) I do have twitter but felt I was a twit when I used it LOL!!`

  8. I don't Twitter at all. I have Facebook and check it once a day or so but seldom post there. I am on my computer every morning and evening and sometimes in between but try not to 'live' on it. I don't blog every day but try to read and comment everyday and post between 3 and 4 times a week. That's me!

  9. No Tweeting from me, and I don't like facebook or spacebook or whatever - it is too much of a time waster. I enjoy blogging during the week, and emailing blog friends, but between my REAL life, my etsy shops, and doing laundry and housework, and looking for employment, I have all I can handle!

  10. I have never done any twittering. I have a Facebook page, but seldom even check it. I've recently seen blogs that have Facebook sign-ups on them, and my impression is that everyone who signs on their "friends" gets a notice that they have a new post on their blog. I think that's a great idea and have added a Facebook "friends" block on my sidebar, but haven't "advertised" it on my blog. I think I have to get 11 "friends" before my blog announcement will go out to people. I don't have time for any extras, and I sure don't know how you people with children at home have time for twitter and/or facebook. Interesting post. laurie

  11. I don't 'twitter' and although I do have a Facebook account, I can't recall the last time I logged in there. Keeping up with three blogs is about all I can handle in the virtual realm.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. I have a twitter account but it confuses me and I don't really use it. Facebook is another matter, I love Facebook..I started using it as a way to stay in touch with my grown sons, but its so much more for me..have been in contact with old friends, made new members..

    It's all a time waster I suppose..I don't balance time well at all..I have some chronic sstuff going on healthwise so I am home most of the time. I have plenty to do around here, and most of what HAS to get done, gets done..its the extras..but it works for me..

  13. No tweets from me, but I have a FB page -- only because family & friends requested it from me. I NEVER check it. Seems like a waste of valuable time. If I want to say something of importance, I'll call or e-mail. I'm not a huge fan of having my business spread all over cyberspace. Lots of friends disagree and use FB a lot.


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