Bunny Basket & Egg Basket

Hi everyone! It Tuesday and that means we have several parties going on.

We have:
2nd Time Around
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday
Tuesday Trivia Tie-in

All fun parties with some cool and interesting things to show you today!

Don't you love fun holiday baskets? I found these two cute baskets the other day when we went on our Easter doodad shopping tip.

This first one is an egg shaped basket. it is about 12" tall. I got it for $1.49.

This one is a bunny basket. It is also a good size basket and it was $1.29.

Now, I think most of us just love vintage linens. I collect them and love to have a variety. But I also love to find little hand embroidered dolies, hankies and other linens that someone has put their skills to use.

The other day we went to the flea market. Outside were tables of vendors that I guess got a good rate if they just set up outside. Well, I know I got some REALLY good deals! I will go into my finds later but, what was so amazing to me was that the guy I got a bunch of awesome deals with had run out of newspaper to wrap my stuff so he grabbed a handful of hankies/doilies and whatnots and said he was just going to use these old hankies. He told me no one would want them anyway. he didn't have them out, they were tucked over by his bags. OMG! JACKPOT! If I would have seen them, I would have bought them! LOL

Here are a few of the "wrappings" I got for free.

This last one is a table runner with a matching smaller runner!

A little interesting info on hankies....

The history of handkerchiefs, however, dates back thousands of years. The actors in the Ancient Rome in the II century AD. used white handkerchiefs playing comedies and satyrs. And the audience in the tribunes used to wave the handkerchiefs during games.

In the Middle Ages ladies presented men with their handkerchiefs to show their favor. Decorated with luxury embroidery, silver and golden fibers and fringes, the handkerchiefs were practiced to perform church and coronation ceremonies. However, the bloom of vogue occurred during the Renaissance. And handkerchiefs had become an essential part of any upscale wardrobe.

That time Italy and Spain were standards of fashion for the rest Europe. The way the natives of Venice and Madrid wear was widely replicated throughout the world, however, experiencing some sea changes. And the whole costume depended on the cut and style.

The history of handkerchiefs closely connected with the history of embroidery and lace. Therefore, when in the XVII century bobbin lacing got popular, the practice of making handkerchiefs by this technique was spread. This was the simpler and cheaper method of production, while outcome was more elegant. Nevertheless, this accessory was affordable to noble persons only.

The handkerchief is also an indispensable part of any stylish woman's wardrobe. Tastes of individuals at the end of the XVII-XVIII century dictated their style. They were oval, round or oblongate. And this trend was put to its end only in 1685 when the King Ludwig XIV decided that the «length of a handkerchief should be equal to its width which is effective in the territory of the whole kingdom". And since that time a small square piece of cloth remains the adopted form for handkerchiefs.

The fashion for handkerchiefs in America was quite similar to that in Europe. Love of colonial women to the square laced handkerchiefs is of the same effect as that of their cousins residing over the Atlantic Ocean. The fashion touched the linen, silky and laced handkerchiefs for both men and women. Quaker Women living in Pennsylvania were considered to have white handkerchiefs as a must accessory to complete a women costume.

To read the full article, go here.

The Party continues!!
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  1. i have one of those egg baskets too; i picked it up at goodwill last year. love those!!

  2. I am so jealous of those linens used as packing materials! Wow did you score!!! I love vintage hankies and table runners. Some of my favorites are the sweet hand embroidered one's. I have found a few myself. Great info about hankies!!

  3. Ahhh, we linen junkies are SO jealous! I find it hard to imagin e that "no one would have wanted them!". Great score
    xoxo Pattie

  4. I love the bunny basket, that is just too cute!

  5. Love it all but the linens are so pretty. Be blessed. Cindy

  6. What a silly man!!LOL Of course someone wanted them!! Rhonda

  7. Hi Diann,
    Aren't you the lucky one. A lot like that would go for a few bucks at the auction. You did great.
    The bunny basket and the egg baskets are cute as can be.


  8. Love that bunnie basket -- It reminds me of one my parents had when I was a child!

  9. The bunny and egg baskets are soooo stinkin cute! Happy to see you at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS:)


  10. Hi Diann,

    Thanks for linking up again this week.

    I remember as a kid, my dad always had a handkercheif in his pocket. Sometimes I miss some of the part of being a gentleman that seem to have gone away.

    I'm looking forward to what fun thing you come up with next week.

    I love that you tell me about some of your blog posts before they post, but you always surprise me with this one.


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