A Bunny and some Pansies

Last Wednesday I showed you some of my recent white finds. One item was this pretty white planter.

I'm so glad I found it because it is going to be such a wonderful piece to redo over and over again.

I decided to use it for a little Spring/Easter decor. I had some pansies and a piece of floral foam so, I just popped them in the planter. I also recently found this white rabbit and thought it would look perfect sitting on top of the flowers. So, I grabbed a small glass juice cup and settled it into the flowers and perched Mr. Bunny on top of it. I think it turned out cute.

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  1. I loved this planter when you first showed it and now I love it more- really pretty
    xoxo Pattie

  2. What a cute Easter floral! I love that bunny!

  3. Love the Spring/Easter arrangement. How darling is that! Great find on the white planter.

  4. Diann, just darling my friend..Its so SPRINGness...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. very nice decor. I have that same pot in clay.

  6. How cute that looks with the pansy's and then the rabbit on top. I love the look. I have a white planter I got right before leaving for Texas so this gives me some inspiration.

  7. Pansies are my favorite!!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. That turned out really lovely, and you're right, it's just perfect for changing throughout the seasons!

  9. I love that planter. And the pansies look so good in it. Great idea with the bunny. Its all so spring and happy looking.

  10. I love the white flower pot and the adorable bunny. The bunny is cute.


  11. Oh My how cute. the pot is beautiful and you can use it again and again.


  12. Love the planter and adding a bunny and pansies was a wonderful idea. it looks like Spring.

  13. Very cute. The colorful pansies look great with the white ceramics.

  14. This is a wonderful look. The flowers really "pop" against the white of the planter and the cute bunny.

  15. I love the pansies and all their beautiful colors against the white!! Makes a lovely statement!

  16. Dianne-I LOVE this!!!I love using living or potted plants for a centerpiece. They last so much longer. Your bunny is just perfect sitting in the middle of all those beautiful pansies and I know you will use the planter over and over again! Thanks for sharing this and thanks for stopping by!

  17. Dianne, that is beautiful! It really looks like something a florist would sell for a very high price! Love the container and the bunny. they are perfect together. laurie

  18. I love what you have done to that beautiful planter...how is the bunny held up, floral foam?


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