April Fool's Day!

Today, ten years ago, Troy and I got married in Las Vegas! I can't believe it has been that long ago.

Yup, we got married in Las Vegas on April Fool's Day 2000. I think a lot of our friends and family thought it was going to be the ultimate April Fool's Day prank and we would not really get married. We showed them!

I planned our entire wedding via online and over the phone from Michigan. I must say, I did a heck of a job too!

I got incredible deals for flights and hotel suites for almost 50 family members and friends. We all flew out to Vegas and had a 4 day wedding weekend party!

Troy was an OTR Driver at the time and had gotten a load to Las Vegas earlier in the week. We were a little cash poor at the time (LOL) so, I researched online all the super cheap places to visit and eat in Las Vegas, I created a "On the cheap Las Vegas Style" packet for everyone that flew out for our wedding. I had places with directions on how to get there from our hotel, I had cheapest food places, times, entertainment..you name it. I gathered coupons and vouchers and pass cards for different casinos. And remember, I did this all at home here in Michigan.

See, I have been thrifty for a very long time! LOL

My parents and I arrived Thursday while all the other guests flew in Friday. Troy had been on the road for about 4 weeks prior so, we hadn't even seen each other in over a month. We got married on a Saturday.

Friday, before everyone arrived, Troy and I headed to a local bakery to pay for our wedding cake. And then we just decided to have some fun and explore a bit.

Now, something to keep in mind, our mode of transportation was Troy's semi truck. Granted, we didn't have trailer attached to it, so that was good. Well, sometimes parking a semi truck is a pain. But, we found a place at a casino and went in to play a little and have dinner. Well, when we came out we discovered that we had parked in the construction crews gated parking area and the gates were closed and locked when we were ready to leave! Okay, this was SO NOT good! We found a security guard but, he had no keys for it because it was an outside company that was doing the construction.

After an hour or so, someone from the construction company came out with a pair of bolt cutters and let us out. We figured it was a sign to just head back to the hotel and get a good night sleep since our wedding was the next afternoon.

At about 2:00 am we had a knock on our door. Troy's sister and family had finally arrived and just wanted to let us know they were there. As we were talking (this was the first time I had met her) she asked if it had been easy to get our marriage licence. Troy and I both looked at each other and thought, "Oh crap! I knew we forgot something!!"

Thank goodness Las Vegas never closes! We were in sweats and just ran out of the hotel and to the city office. We stood in line for quite awhile. We were such a site! The couple in front of us was so drunk they could barely stand. They had just met on the flight in to Vegas. When they got to the woman behind the desk and handed her their paperwork, the woman just looked at them and their paperwork and said she could not issue them a marriage license. They were too drunk, and they did not even come close to filling out their paperwork correctly.

We got our marriage license at about 3:30am the day of our wedding. The security guard was the first person to congratulate us. We had our picture taken with him. We looked horrendous but, happy!

What seemed like just a few hours later, we got a call that our wedding cake was going to be delivered at 1:00, our wedding was at 3:00. So, Troy and I headed down to the lobby to wait for the delivery. We saw the guy come in with our beautiful wedding cake. As he entered the lobby, he slipped and in slow motion, we saw our wedding cake go flying in the air and crash in the middle of the lobby!

There is was, smooshed beyond all recognition, our 3 tiered wedding cake, upside down in the middle of the lobby. The deliver guy, flat on his butt looking horrified. Troy and I looked at each other and just burst out laughing! I immediately started taking pictures of our wedding cake. Tears were coming down my eyes due to laughter. The delivery guy was apologizing like crazy. He called the shop and they immediately stopped all other cakes they were working on and started a new one for us with promises that it would be there in time for the wedding.

Sure enough, they got us a new cake to the hotel about 15 minutes before the ceremony. At that point, I was so relaxed and had no jitters about getting married. Troy, on the other hand, not so much. He so wanted everything to be absolutely perfect for me that he was a wreck. What he didn't realize was that, for me EVERYTHING was perfect! I had him, my family and some of my closest friends with me. I couldn't ask for anything more. Mentally and emotionally, Troy and I had already been married for a long time, this ceremony was just a technicality.

I had a beautiful gown. I looked and felt like a princess. And I had just rented the dress the day before! Yes, you heard me right. I RENTED my dress. I had never had any desire to buy a wedding dress. It just wasn't my thing. I did however have the most gorgeous tiara and veil! Those two items I was in love with. And I still have them.

Our wedding was in an outside courtyard. It had the whole garden gazebo and I had to walk under a rose covered trellis (which my veil of course got caught on). A lot of the people who were staying at this hotel came out of their rooms and watched the wedding.

As everyone got in their places, I stood out of site with my Dad. I think my Dad was the most stressed I have ever seen him. I swear, we all say he turned gray that day. Honestly, we have pictures of before and after. Before, just some salt and pepper graying happening. After, completely head of white hair! I am the only girl, in case you hadn't figured that out. My parents LOVE Troy but, at that moment my Dad realized what was happening. As he was fluffing my veil and dress, he looked at me and said, "You don't have to do this. We can leave right now. I will make a reservation for your mom to fly home later". LOL Poor Dad! I told him I was fine. I had felt married and committed to Troy for a very long time. Let's just go and have fun. Reluctantly he conceded.

When it came to the part where the minister asks "Who gives this woman away?" My Dad, very seriously (we have it on film) said, "I do NOT give her away! He is only keeping her for me!". LOL Well that just really helped Troy lower his stress...NOT!!

During the ceremony, when the minister held up my ring to talk about the whole symbolism of it, he took one look at it and said in a loud voice, "Holy cow! Look at this ring!". LOL My wedding ring is BEAUTIFUL!! Troy had it custom made. One of these days I will post a picture of it. Everyone laughed and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

After pictures and what not, I headed back to our room and changed into my "after wedding" dress. Which I did buy and LOVED. We all headed to the Bellagio for our wedding dinner. We had such a blast!

Everyone had lots of fun. On Monday, everyone was scheduled to fly home. Troy and I, however were taking off together for a working 6 week honeymoon.

Troy's boss knew about the wedding and the fact that it was my first time (besides flying in and out of Las Vegas about 8 times prior to getting married) that I had been out West. And he worked really hard to schedule loads so that we could see the entire Western part of the country at a leisurely rate.

We went to so many cool and interesting places during that 6 weeks! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had exploring the country. However, I think we may be the only couple on the planet who spent their honeymoon in twin sized bunk beds! LOL

This whole "6 weeks of traveling across the Western part of the country" did not sit well for my poor Dad. We had told everyone that this was our plan but, after about 2 weeks my Dad started calling us and saying he thought we had enough fun and should start working our way back home now. LOL

I can honestly say, that I wouldn't have changed ANYTHING about our wedding. It was all so perfect in my eyes. I personally think everyone should start out their marriage laughing and that is what I did.

To Troy......

Wow! What can I say? We have lived a lifetime in these past short 10 years. We have had way more than our share of crisis handed to us. But, we held strong. We are a team. We became a force to be reckoned with. With you by my side, there isn't anything we can't do.

You have loved me unconditionally from the moment we met. You see in me things I never saw. You gave me the ultimate freedom in life. You ARE the key to my heart. No matter what comes along, together we are one and will conquer it (and have a blast doing it!).

You allow the sparkle to come out of me. You give me the freedom to try things and fail and know it is okay. You give me strength, courage, laughter, silliness, security, friendship and above all else, Love.

You are my Heart Mate, my Soul Mate, my Best Friend and my true Love.

I love you with everything I am and everything I will be.


  1. I remember your little "How To Eat in Vegas for $5 a day" booklet. I got to town 6 days before our wedding with $25 cash in my pocket. I know I could have called you for money if I had to, but I was determined to follow your booklet.

    I saw the free show every night in Fremont street, visited the free museums to keep from getting bored, even played some penny slot machines, up to my daily limit of .50 cents a day.

    I had $1.99 breakfasts, .99 cent 1/4 lb footlong dogs for lunch. Free ice cream every afternoon, and $1.50 Burgers for dinner every day. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. I was so happy when you and your parents got there Thursday Night, because I got to eat real food. Of course, I was happy to see you too!

    It's been an interesting ten years. What some could argue would be the worst ten years a couple could face have been an adventure instead, because I had you with me.

    Through sickness and health, richer and poorer they say...

    Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad.

    Lets shoot for the richer part in the next ten.

    Thank you for being my wife. I love you.

  2. What a wonderful story - a great post - and inspiration for all couples, married - or engaged to become married! Congrats to you on your anniversary - and wishes for many more happy years to come! Yes, a true adventure!!!

  3. It's 5:30 a.m. and I'm already crying! Happy Anniversary! Troy, if you figure out how to get to "richer" can you let us know too??
    xoxo Pattie

  4. A beautiful love story! It's a great story to have in print so that it can be told for generations to come!
    Happy Anniversary.

  5. Diann,
    What an enchanting post!! Loved it!! Proves that some people are just menat to be together. Congrats to both of you!!
    My Joe is a good guy and when they say in sickness and in health, he was there with me for all of my tests and Dr. visits and surgeries. At times, I think I was more nervous than I was about biopsy reports and outcomes of surgery.

  6. Me again, I meant that he was more nervous than I was.

  7. Diann, what an absolutely beautiful post. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Wishing you and Troy many many more wonderful happy years together. Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

  8. I just LOVE you guys! What a great story and what a sweet post! I agree laughter is the BEST way to start a life together. I know you have had a lot happen in your 10 years of marriage but through it all you have each other and as you say, what more could you ask for? Oh yes richer not poorer...good luck if anyone can do it, you two can!

  9. What a sweet story. I'm glad someone reminded you about licenses. lol. Congrats on your anniversary, and many more to come. Have a wonderful Easter.

  10. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Diann and Troy! Today is a wonderful day, a day which brings back the wonderful memories of your wedding and life together. I wish you both joy and happiness forever.

    When my husband I were standing at the alter, he was trembling so much he made my bouquet shake! My dad (technically, he is my stepfather) had a similar comment, he said he was not giving me away but sharing me.

    Happy Anniversary!

    ~ Tracy

  11. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Diann!
    I can't believe I'm the winner!! What an awesome win, that table is gorgeous! Honestly, I am speechless! I never expected this. I can't wait to show it off on Tablescape Thursday! I will e-mail you my address! Thank-you again,

  12. What a wonderful story and such a sweet post! Congratulations to both of you.

  13. You two are the best and hang in there together through the good and bad times. God knows you've been through a lot over the years. :o) Let's hope the next 10 years bring you even more carefree times, happiness and joyful moments. We love you guys!


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