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I can't believe how late I am for Tablescape Thursday and Thrifty Thursday! Yesterday was one of those days. It started out in the shower yesterday morning. LOL I dropped a full can of shaving gel from a shelf in our shower onto my foot. Oh man, did that hurt! But, I had things to do, places to go and people to see so, I just finished up and headed out for some errands. All was fine, just a bit sore. But, by the time early evening came around, my toe was throbbing and I was walking around with a major limp. Which, that alone would be one thing but, I didn't realize just how much I was limping and how that was affecting by back. I have some bad back issues (I know, don't we all?) so, by the time I got home I could barely walk or stand. I took off my shoe and sock and noticed my toe had a lovely black and purple bruise. I'm not sure if it is broke or just bruised but, it put me out of commission yesterday to do my tablescape. Excuses, excuses huh? I usually do my tablescape earlier in the week but, it has been a busy week.

So, last night I spent my evening in my pj's, foot propped up with an ice pack. A heating pad on my back and some pain killers in my system. Okay, the "whine-fest" is over.

Since I just got my tablescape done and I used some thrifty finds and a couple of things I was going to use in tomorrow's Show and Tell Friday and Friday~~Finding Beauty, I decided to make life a little easier for myself and combine them into one post.

I hope our lovely hostess's Susan (Between Naps on the Porch), Leigh (Tales from Bloggeritaville), Cindy (My Romantic Home) and Claudia (Dipty Road) don't mind.

This entire tablescape was inspired by these gorgeous large ceramic square dinner plates I found recently clearanced at TJMaxx.

Aren't they awesome? I found 2 of them with no chips or cracks or any other kind of damage. they were marked down to $2.00 a plate!

Oh, I started with gold place mats. I then added these cute spirally grapevine wreaths to the top of the Rooster plates. It just felt right...kind of "nesty". They were .59 cents each after Christmas at Hobby Lobby.

Then I added the $1.00 everyday at Walmart, smokey brown glass salad plates.

Next up are these small amber glass bowls. I got these at a flea market from a guy who had several tables with just odds and ends. And everything was .25 cents each. Love those tables!!

On to the glasses. I have a set of four of these amber (almost carnival glass finish) small drinking glasses. I got them some time ago for $1.00 for the set. And the stemware glasses have pretty etched in tulips and gold leaves. Also gold around the rim and the base of each glass. I have 6 of these. bought at a secondhand store for $1.75 (all 6).

Add a clear cut glass mug, matching linen napkin and a wooden napkin ring. I bought 6 of the glass mugs from the above mentioned .25 cent vendor. The napkins were bought some time this past summer at a secondhand store. They were 5 for $2.29. and the wood napkin rings were a recent purchase at The Christmas Tree Shoppes for .25 cents each.

Now to accessorize.

This pretty little flower plate works nicely under the amber pitcher to catch any drips. The plate was from an antique mall (I also have the matching teacup for it) and I paid $1.50 for the set. The amber pitcher was bought at Salvation Army for $2.50.

A beautiful amber glass compote. I love the bubbles in it. I got this at an antique store last summer when we were camping. It was $3.00.

This pretty little carnival glass looking butter dome and the little crystal dish were also found at the "everything .25 cents table". Can you believe he sold this beautiful little dome for a quarter?!

A vintage amber glass grape dish. I bought this a couple of years ago with two matching little grape dishes at Salvation Army for $2.00 (the set).

And finally this heavy metal scrolly leaf motif candelabra. I really like the black and goldish bronzey colors of it. And I like the weight and size as a centerpiece. I picked it up at a yard sale for a buck!

Opps, I almost forgot these little guys! A couple of ceramic roosters from The Dollar Tree. Too cute!

Now the finished tablescape and about a gazillion extra pictures! LOL. The grapviney garland you see around the centerpiece area was an after Christmas sale item for .75 cents.

Time for a little candle light.

Good night....back to the couch I go! LOL

WOW! You made it all the way to the end! I am so impressed!

In case you missed my party announcement, here it is BLOG PARTY!!

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  1. Diann I love this table. I guess I'm a little tired of the red tables from Valentine's day. I love the nest look and the warm ambers and creams. So nice and as always you get the best bargains. Now: REST THAT FOOT! Take care!

  2. Of course this is a great table. It started with those fantastic rooster plates! Love your idea of the wreath under the glass plate. I recently purchased some heart shaped wreaths that I thught I might use in a table scape. I like the ambers of this table. Great job!

  3. The nest is such a cute idea! Love the colors, love it all!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. I just don't know where to start. Love the rooster plates, what a great idea to put the wreath there! Just so pretty and creative.

  5. great photos, and great finds displayed so creatively!!!

  6. How cute was that?!!~ Very clever there!~ Hey better late than never....

  7. The rooster plates were a real find. You gotta love TJ Maxx!! Very creative work you did with your finds!!

  8. Oh wow! I never would have thought to use the wreathes that way! That is an AWESOME tablescape!!

  9. Diann,
    STUNNING!!! ABSOLUTLEY STUNNING! LOVE the rooster! I got the lamb....gonna go back for the roosters! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  10. Very pretty! Clever the way you used the chickens and the wreath under the bowls to look like a nest.

  11. What a fantastic and creative table scape!

    It is VERY beautiful and thanks so much for participating with us and sharing this great idea!

    TTFN~~ Claudia

  12. I just love your etched wine glasses - don't you get that excited feeling when you get something that good for so little!!

  13. Beautiful table! I love the little wreath on the large plate, such a cute idea. And holy cow, do you know how to find bargains! You have a great eye. I love those quarter tables too, but usually all I find is used Mcdonald's happy meal toys lol. Sorry about your foot, hope it heals up fast. Ouch! Kathy

  14. I really, REALLY like your tablescape. Everything is so warm, golden, and sparkly all at the same time. Lovely.

    TIGERS for my Show n Tell

  15. Beautiful colors with the candle light. And I had to giggle...thinking what my husband would say...he loves to tease me about things like this...."hey, you raised my plate closer to my face". LOL And then he would tell me how brilliant I am to think outside the box...well done Diann, you're very creative. And OUCH...I could almost feel the gel hitting my foot. Hope you can rest your weary body over the weekend.

  16. Love it! Great by candlelight!

  17. Diann, love your table with all the amber glass, perfect with the orange rooster pattern! I did a TT on that pattern back in October...they are my favorite patterned dishes.

  18. Great tablescape - love the amber glass!

  19. I love all the roosters and the colors are beautiful! Such an attention to detail..candlelight is so pretty! Great tablescape!

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  20. Diann, Lovely, and very creative! Very nice tablescape. I enjoyed visiting your blog tonight.
    Blessings - Beth

  21. I LOVE TJMaxx and Ross! I always find GREAT things to decorate with!


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