Walk in my shoes for a day (wear good shoes!)

Today is Rednesday at It's a Very Cherry World. When you get a few minutes, drop by and see all the fun reds people are showing today.

Well, this is not my normal type of Rednesday post. No showing something pretty I have or found while thrifting. Nope, this is more about why I go thrifting. You see, it is actually cheaper to go out thrifting than going to a Therapist! LOL Yup, thrifting is my "get-away-save-my-sanity" therapy!

My everyday life revolves around a LOT of red! If you have a toddler, you are so going to recongize these pictures.

Uh oh, where are all those little hard barn toys that belong in the barn? You know the ones. The ones when you step on them pain shoots up to your skull and you can't walk for the next 2 hours.
Well, there are a few of them. Maybe I better go and put on some steel toed boots before I start any more cleaning up in here.
I guess a book shelf low enough for the Princess to get to is rather redundant.
Meet Bingo
Hurry, get the loud obnoxious xylophone to the bottom of the toy box before Princess shows up. That will give me at least 15 minutes of quiet.
Oh, next bury the loud flashing light caterpillar!
Shoot, still a lot of loud toys on the top of the pile. Why do I buy these toys?
The much loved Big Red Dog blanket (yeah, I know his name is Clifford but, Princess sticks with Big Red Dog....don't ask)
Princess has a facination with clocks. No idea where it came from but she loves this red clock! I got it for her this Christmas.
That wood and steel ball thingie toy is only known as "The heavy toy". And it too hurts when you stub your toe on it!
"Hey! there's my Big Red Dog Book!"
The all important red chair.

This scattered toy fun starts when the Princess hits the floor first thing in the morning. I must pick up 18 million times a day. Thrift stores, here I come!!!

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  1. Cute post! I smiled all the way but then I don't have a two year old! :)

  2. I ask myself the same question, why oh why did I buy all these toys? but when I see My Bambino playing so happily, I know the answer. Nice post.

  3. I remember those days! Toys everywhere and you pick them up and they all get taken out again. I tried not to buy loud toys but the other folks in my family believed in torture toys aka make lots of noise toys. This too shall pass and you will wonder where the noise and clutter has gone, but you have many years before that! Yes Thrifting as Therapy, I agree completely!

  4. LOL I have 6 kids and I can tell you it's not just the 2 year olds! You graduate to stepping on Barbie heels, Matchbox cars (OUCH) and Legos. Then you move up to the eye makeup left laying on the carpet (GRRRR) and the CDs on the floor under the laundry. S-i-g-h... Great post!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Fun post. It looks like my daughter's room. She's 14 but has special needs and her favorite place to shop is "the fisher price aisle"!

  6. I see little feet and a hand in there ^_^ Happy Valentines!

    Rednesday~Red Shade

  7. All that's missing is her red high heels! Those were great days for me, but I don't miss cleaning up the toys!

  8. I so miss that jumble of toys that would always be all over the floor! Those were the good old days, although my baby is now 21 and still manages to have stuff all over her dorm room floor!
    Happy REDnesday!

  9. Ha! My boys are 19 and 23 now, but I well remember having toys EVERYWHERE! And I remember the pain of stepping on Legos in the middle of the floor!

  10. Cherish every moment, children are grown & gone all too fast. Happy Rednesday !

  11. Oh my goodness, what a funny and sweet post! I know it seems like a hassle to clean and clean...blink...and clean some more...haha...but try to see the joy it because it won't last forever.Happy Rednesday to you and your Princess <3

  12. been there and done that! Red love!!


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