Spring Fever!

As I look out at the recent snowfall, all I can think about is flowers, gardening, camping, parks, lakes, BBQ's, picnics.......you get the picture. Spring Fever has hit me big time!

With that in mind, I have some Spring-like bargains to show you. A few weeks ago I showed you these cute Easter egg dishes that I got (Here is that post).

When I was at the indoor flea market a couple of weeks ago, I found some more cute Easter egg dishes. These were brand new, sealed and still in the box.

The box included two of each color.

They have little flowers painted inside them and a little raised bunny in the bottom of each.

I got the set of 6 dishes for $2.75. When I was taking pictures and got them out of the box to show y'all, I flipped them over and apparently they were from a Hallmark Store and selling for $4.99 each!

We went to the indoor flea market on a Sunday, late in the afternoon. Now this important because the flea market is closed on Mondays and Tuesday. A lot of people who are selling come in and rent the booth just for the weekends. So, for the folks that just sell on the weekend, Sunday night is basically "Get rid of as much as we can so we don't have to pack it all up and take it home" time. This is my second favorite thing about this flea market (first is the 'Everything on this table is .25 cents').

I have been going to the flea market about every two weeks now. I am starting to recognize the regular sellers. At the same time I can kind of tell the ones that are just there for the weekend. About an hour before closing, I head to those sellers.

I picked up a couple of things at two of these "weekend" sellers. I have to say, that most of these sellers have nothing I am interested in (electronic gadgets, motorcycle stuff, knives, you get the picture).

As I was walking past one booth which was filled with biker stuff, I just happen to glance at one of his tables. I wish I would have had a camera because it was just so funny. Here he has all these chained leather wallets, Harley belt buckets, Harley lighters, money clips, patches etc. and in the back of his table are these two candle holders.

One pink and one golden glass candle holders! LOL Apparently he saw me staring at them and smiling. I just thought it was so funny that they were on this table. He looks at me and say, "Yeah, I know. they were left at my place my my Ex. I figured I would just bring them here and maybe someone would want them. But, nobody did." LOL Then he says to me, "You want them? They're yours. Just take them!" Okay dokey!

As I was walking away with these two candle holders I heard the guy tell his buddy, "Now I can tell her I couldn't even sell her precious S#@&! I had to f@#&$%# GIVE it away!" So, that is the story behind how I got these two pretty glass candle holders for free. LOL

Then I stopped at my last vendor of the day. He had some pretty things but, they were out of my budget. I saw this pretty yellow flower candle holder. I don't normally buy these kinds of candle holders but, I think Spring Fever had it's tight grip on me at the moment and I stopped and picked it up and looked at it. Of course the vendor jumped up from his chair and started spewing all this "history' of the candle holder at me.

While he was talking, my phone rang. It was Troy and he was ready to leave. so, I set the flower back down and started to walk away.

The vendor yells to me that he is willing to go half off the marked price of $5.00. I really was pretty tired by this point and my back was aching from walking so much on concrete floors. I just smiled and started to walk off again.

He yells, "How about $1.50?" Troy was waiting and I said no I had to get going. He then yells, "C'mon lady! It's the end of the day. how about .50 cents?"

I was actually starting to get a little irritated at this guy. I said, "I'll give you a quarter for it." He just looked at me so, I turned back around and started walking out. He yelled, "Fine! A quarter!".

To be honest, I would have paid the $1.50 but, he was starting to get on my nerves.

So, that was my thrifting adventure day at the flea market. Join me again for future episodes of "The Flea Market Saga"!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you go to Big Lots, check out their clearance area. I know not all stores carry everything and these may all be gone but, it was a really good bargain. I got several different color place mats for only .25 cents each. I have tons of place mats that have a print to them so, I really needed some just plain solid color mats. I saw these and they were marked .50 cents each. Which I thought was a pretty good deal. But, when I got to the register, they rang up at .25 cents each! Woohoo!! So, I grabbed two of each of the colors they had.

Sorry the colors don't show up very good. I got black, light aqua blue, royal blue, lime green, eggplant purple and lavender. They also had red, forest green and beige (I have all those colors).

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  1. I love all your finds and you are going to have one adorable Easter table!! Love the placemats and I may have to run by Big Lots just in case mine has those also. My favorite is the flower candle holder, especially since you got it for 25 cents! It is very springy!

  2. Wow...you made a haul. I've never gone to a thrift store...perhaps I'm missing treasures, as my husband would call them. :o) The place mats are great.

  3. I think those are my all-time favorite finds of yours. I love your flea market stories!

  4. You not only got some great deals, but funny stories to go with them.

  5. Love your dishes! It's so funny b/c I found a box of Easter plates similar to your's that I got at PB like 10 years ago. I totally forgot I had them and I can't wait to break them out - considering what I probably paid for them 10 years ago. LOL!

  6. Great Thrifty finds especially the dishes! You sure did well!

    Kindly, ldh

  7. What great finds! It is always an adventure when treasure hunting! Thanks for the tip on the BL placemats, I will have to stop by my BL and see if they have any. Those dishes are just too cute. I cannot wait to see your Easter tablescape.

    ~ Tracy

  8. Oh my goodness ! What an awesome market you have here. I would love to be able to shop at something like this.

    YOu make me laugh-- thanks so much for joining in FFB :)


  9. Adorable Easter dishes! I'm planning to get out my Spring & Easter decor soon...I'm getting Spring fever:)

  10. Just found you thru Claudia at Dipity Rd. i have a new post listed, messed up on the other one...
    i love seasonal dishes, and the hallmark ones stole my heart...
    love your blog...

  11. These are all so very lovely. Thanks so much for sharing them. Lia

  12. What wonderful finds and loooved your story about how you got your pretty candle holders!
    Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  13. Love your bowls!!!! They look wonderful with the Easter plates and I'm jealous because I have the same plates! My aren't as good as yours because I paid $10 about six years ago so you got a fabulous deal. Don't you just love polka dots???
    xoxo Nancy

  14. I love, love, LOVE the egg dishes! Soon it'll be Easter again. One of my favorite times o' the year.

    I captured a bit of the Irish Lore today in my SHOW N TELL. Do stop by for a wee bit o' the Irish Luck if you can!

  15. Wow, I think I need to go flea marketing with you. Talk about bargains!!!!!!!! I love that flower candle holder and only 50 cents, wow!!

  16. That does it, Diann! At the top of my must-do list is now written- THRIFT SHOPPING WITH DIANN! You have the best deals!
    xoxo Pattie

  17. Love your story about the annoying guy - that was the bargain of the day!!! COOL!

  18. Love your thirfty finds! Thanks for sharing and be sure to come visit!

  19. Oh, that's too funny. What beautiful pieces you got. I especially like the last candle holder. I so want to go shopping with you. There are a couple of indoor flea markets not too terribly far from me. I never thought to go to those. I'm on it now. Rosie

  20. What great finds!

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Girl, I bet you are just egg-head dreaming of your egg tablescape. It is all wonderful. Those bowls with the raised bunny..wow.

  22. I love your sweet little bunny dishes Diann!
    Have fun with them!

    Thanks for the sugar free recipe too and the suggestion to use Splenda for sugar free baking. I ended up making rice pudding with Splenda. He loved it!! I'm going to do the peanut butter cookies soon.


  23. Great finds, Diann! Those dishes are too cute! Will make a charming easter table!

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous finds!


  24. Fabulous deals. And I love the stories that went with them.

  25. What fab finds!

    Happy PS!

    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  26. What an enjoyable post! I got a good laugh out of the candle stick story and lucky for you! And good for you on getting that great find for a quarter! I am going to have to start going at the end of the day!

  27. Those plates are so stinkin' cute! Great finds. Found your link on Claudia's Finding Beauty where I'm a participant here: http://aviewfromme.wordpress.com/2010/02/26/migration-spot-fridayfinding-beauty/

  28. I love all your finds and flea market stories.....

  29. What fun finds - I don't do flea markets or thrift stores, but am always amazed at what others find. Love the story of the two candle holders especially.

    Thanks for stopping by my S&T - come back any time!


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