Laundry, it breeds!

Tackle it Tuesday

Okay, so the hamper is full, even after squishing it down as hard as I can. Should I take it downstairs and start washing? Well, I would but, I have my glass in my hand and I see a couple of toys on the stairs half way down. No can do hauling the laundry down at this time.

Getting ready to toss my towel in the hamper I remember that it is crammed to the top already. Well, I need to get dressed and get going so, I'll just toss it on top of the hamper. Apparently, so does Troy. PJ's just automatically go on top of the towels.

Oh great, when did the little princess learn to unscrew her sippy cup? And more importantly, what's so fascinating with making juice puddles on the kitchen floor? Two dish towels later (added to the overflowing laundry) and the mess is cleaned up but, a bath is in order and fresh clothes. Juice soaked clothes and towel go into the heaping pile.

I think I will surprise Troy and Princess with some cupcakes for dessert. Freakin' Frackin' stupid hand mixer! I forgot we really need a new one. One of the beaters does not lock into place any more. Upstairs to change my chocolate splattered t-shirt and grab a wash cloth to wash off my arms and face. Into the laundry pile the soiled items go. Well, okay, not really "into" or even "on top of" any more. Now they are "next to the hamper.

.....................later in the evening..........................

"Sweetheart? What are you doing with your mac & cheese?" Big mac & cheese smile, "Lotion like Mama!!" I swear, this just happened..(OYE!) Okay, Mama does not put "lotion" in her hair, but I guess whatever works for ya. Well, it's close enough to bed time so, we truck upstairs, strip the clothes, toss in new laundry pile by the the hamper, grab wash cloth and scrub away various chunks of dried mac & cheese. Back down stairs, another dish cloth to try to clean up mac & cheese off everything within a five mile radius.

End of the night, whew! Days clothes into the pile next to the pile by the hamper. Big sigh, "tomorrow I HAVE to do laundry!"

Sadly, this is a very typical day around here. And after about 3 days and not getting to the laundry, well, let's just say, laundry breeds and it breeds like rabbits! We no longer simply have a hamper in the upstairs hallway, we have a "dirty laundry hallway"!

So, today is tackling the laundry! Of course, next I will have to deal with the mountain of clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away that will take over the love seat. Ahhh, but that is another day and another post. :)

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  1. Oh so funny and Oh so true!! I remember that I would start sorting into piles and they would line the hall until I could FINALLY get them washed. Brings back memories, oh wait is that an overflowing laundry basket in my bedroom...sigh some things never change!

  2. it breeds here as well with 4 teens still living at home

  3. That sounds like a very typical day at my house too. And now that I have read this I must get off my computer and go fold laundry and then put another load in. Happy laundry day!!! :)


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