Don't Ya Love Finding Super Thrifty Bargains?

By now, you all know that I can sniff out a thrift store a 100 mile away. And I do love 2nd hand stores! But, what is even more awesome is finding brand new stuff at a store that is so marked down that even a yard sale hostess wouldn't go that low!

Well, I found my new favorite store! They just opened up "The Christmas Tree Shops" near me!! Woohoo! I have heard a few bloggers talking about this store but, I had never been in one. Now I know why they talk about it!

I got a bunch of red, green and gold candles of all sizes from there for between .07 - .21 cents. I stocked up. Their everyday prices are pretty good but, the clearanced prices...oh man!

There is a cart that has marked down merchandise. The items have something broke on them. Everything on the cart is 90% off the LOWEST sticker price!! Now, that is my kind of bargain. I don't have a problem re-gluing a piece or fixing this or that. Let me show you what I am talking about.

This is a cute metal sign. It is not part of the Valentine Day stuff, just regular stuff. I am not sure what is wrong with it. Maybe it had a bow or ribbon or something attached to it. I think it is cute in my Valentine Decor.

It wasn't very expensive to start out with at regular price, $1.99. But, clearanced, I got it for .09 cents!!!

This white wood frame holds six 4x6 pictures. Regular price was $6.99. I had to really look to see what was wrong with it.

I ended up paying .67 cents for this frame! It has a small crack in the wood and one of the corners is starting to come apart.

This is a heavy ceramic bowl. It was originally $5.99. I got it for .59 cents!

It has a chip in it. Does any one know of a sealant I could get to seal this chip? I have a couple of other dishes I could use a product like that on. Even if it doesn't get sealed, this bowl is a nice decorative bowl.....Oh, I have some very pretty wooden carved spheres that would look wonderful in it!

These two square striped plates have a couple of small scrapes on them. They are clearanced right now for .89 cents each. Not a bad price! They had a ton and different designs. These are made of plastic and are for decorative use only. Due to the small scrapes in these two, I got them for .08 cents each!! I think they are going to look so cute as charger plates for a couple of my square dishes!

This is a cool wood and glass lantern. It is a good size about 18 inches in height. The glass hurricane globe is still wrapped inside it and I checked, it is in perfect condition. No breaks for chips. I am going to use this at our trailer at the campground. I am going to put it on the picnic table with a citronella candle in it.

It was originally $12.99. I got it for $1.29 (my high dollar ticket item for the day!!). There is a split in the wood and it has come un-nailed. A little wood glue and it is back to perfect condition!

And last but, not least, I got some napkin rings. These were not an additional 90% off but, they were clearanced for .25 cents each. I bought 2 of 6 different styles. I do mainly tablesettings for 2, so that is why only 2 each.

The two peach ones with polka dots are the same colors as the square charger plates above. I think they will look cute with them. There is 2 taupe colored ones (they look kind of more gray in the picture) and two black with a tortoise shell design on them.

And then two green floral ceramic ones, 2 wood ones and 2 silver with black leather.

So, that was my adventure into this new store! Huh, I wonder if I will ever go back????.........YES!! And get this....this particular strip mall place just opened another brand new store next to The Christmas Tree Shops called..........HOBBY LOBBY! Woohoo! So, this mall now contains...JoAnn's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, The Christmas Tree Shops, Hobby Lobby and a Dollar Store! I told Troy if they put in a T JMaxx or Home Goods Store I may have to go and pick up or travel trailer and just live in the parking lot! LOL

So, I have a couple of little "fix -r- up" projects this week. But, I think just with a little glue, I should have my little treasures in tip top shape! I may spray paint the frame black but, the lantern is staying white.

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  1. The Christmas Tree Shop is my favorite store! We have one five minutes away. I get the best bargains there. It's always fun to go there and look around, which I do frequently.


  2. Christmas Tree Shop is so much fun!

  3. I REALLY want a Christmas Tree Shop! Lucky, lucky you!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Now I have to find one here in my area! You have sold me on this as a great bargain place. Love all of your goodies, but my favs are the square plates/chargers and the napkin rings.

  5. Darn I looked and they are only in these states

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New York
    Rhode Island

    I'm out of luck!

  6. Diann, I cannot believe those bargains! We don't have one anywhere near us. What great stuff you got and for almost nothing. I'm impressed. I do think those plates will make great chargers, and those napkin rings will be perfect with them! Can't wait to see a tablescape with those treasures. laurie

  7. wohooo!!!
    CTS is my favorite shop... i love it so much that i need to stay far away!
    i have a gc from christmas that i am planning to use for patio goodies. i love the clearance section... 90% off rocks!
    it is so nice to meet you!!

  8. I have been thrifting this week at Goodwill and have found some great things myself. The thrill of the hunt is so much fun for me. I can't wait to see what treasures I am going to find each time I go. Love & blessings from NC!

  9. It's not the find it is the hunt. (OK it is the find too, what was I thinking.) Great finds. We don't have a Christmas Tree Store so no hunting there for me. But happy for you. Thank you for showing us your finds. Carol

  10. I have never heard of The Christmas Tree Shops. I'm going to look it up right now. You can't beat those prices!!!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  11. woo! what a haul. You did uber-good! And what fun you must have had shopping and seeing the awesome savings as your mind was running wild thinking of all the stuff you would do with your treasures... Inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh dear Lord!!! I LOVE TCTS. We have a few in CT and several in neighboring Mass. so I get there a lot. Nice Haul. Their food section is pretty good too- I always stock up on my tea while there.

  13. Great finds!
    But why is your blog blocked by a photobucket ad? I'm having trouble reading the post!
    Maybe I'm just crazy!
    But I can't escape it from your page.

  14. Hi Diann, you found some great buys! I've never been to one of these stores, but they look great. amazing prices! Now, I just want a Home Goods store to come in here!

  15. Don't you just love as great deal! Thanks for playing along today.


  16. If you aren't going to use the chipped bowl for food, see if any of your nail polish colors come close. I have some that I use for French manicures that look about right.


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