Sunday, January 24, 2010

What are you Reading Monday

Today is the day to check in with everyone and see what we read last week. What we are currently reading and what we plan (hope) to read this week. to see everyone else is reading, head to J. Kaye's Book Blog!

Okay, these are the books I read this past week:

Finished up "White Witch, Black Curse" by Kim Harrison (This is one of The Hallows series)

"Vanishing Act" by Fern Michaels (15th book in the Sisterhood series)

**a note regarding this book. I was not real happy when I got to the end of the book and there was 100 pages of "previews. I didn't realize that the book was only 2/3 of the actual book. A full third of this book is all about other books. Not cool in my book (pun intended!).

"Kitty's House of Horrors" by Carrie Vaughn (the Kitty series)

I have read all the books in the above 3 series and really enjoy them...A LOT!! I look forward to each and every new book that comes out from these series.

What I am currently reading:

"Street Game" by Christine Feehan (Ghostwalker Series)

What I hope to read this week as well:

"Bone Magic" by Yasmine Galenorn (The Otherworld Series)

"Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang" by Katie MacAlister (Dark Ones Series)

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  1. That is terrible, I've seen more and more books lately that have had advertising in the back of them and sometimes I'm surprised by how much is in there. Aren't we paying for this when we buy the book? Well I hope you have a great reading week!

  2. I would feel cheated, too! I was about to add this to my list, because I like Fern Michaels...but maybe not!

    My post:

  3. You are a prolific reader! I would have been annoyed with a book full of previews also...time to write to the publisher and complain!

  4. Yasmine Galenorn is an author I haven't tried but want to this many books on my list. :)

  5. Hi Diann! I love the Hallows series!
    I had a bad experience with another Fern Michaels book a few years back and haven't picked up another one since! A good half of page was totally unedited with wrong character names... really annoyed me. Plus some other unrealistic things in the book.

    Bone Magic looks good! Have a great week!


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