Valentine Candles

So, did you take advantage of the "after Christmas sales" and snatch up some mean, thrifty candles? When I can buy big candles at lower than Dollar Store prices, I grab them! Candles can be such a quick and easy way to decorate.

Heading out to the store and buying pink, red and white candles for Valentines Day decor can get expensive. Even if you just buy them at the dollar store. Wait until after Valentines Day to buy these cute candles. Right now just doll up your existing candles!

Remember, I am using the things I have on hand to decorate for Valentines day this year. So, nothing was bought to transform these candles.

First up is this glass candle holder. I just used a piece of satin pink ribbon and hot glued the conversation hearts (leftover from another project ) on the ribbon.

Then I rummaged round in my scrapbooking supplies for pretty scrapbook paper. I was so excited to find a package of valentine paper I got last year clearanced at Big Lots!

These 2 candles were Christmas clearanced ones. Since they were already red and white, I did just a little scrapbook paper wrap.

This is one of the Glade holiday candle jars. It has snowflakes and other Christmasy designs on it, so it to got wrapped.

Now, just look around your house for votive candles holders. If you don't have any or not as many as you want to doll up, look for alternatives. Here are the candle holders I gathered to wrap. As you will see, 2 of them are being use as tealight holders but, are really little cheese spread jars.

Have some fun with them.

Got some nice size candles but not the right color, no problem, just wrap them.

These candles are up on a shelf so you don't see what color the candles are.

As with my Valentine tree ornaments, I used tape. I will reuse the paper and ribbons in scrapbooking.

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  1. This is a really cute idea!

    Thank you for posting to Talented Tuesdays!

  2. As soon as my husband is up and about I am going to go looking for my candles.

  3. Diann, some incredible ideas for Valentines Day! Happy Ruby Tuesday! Thank you for joining us! :)

  4. Such a great idea! I looked at candles and yikes just cost too much but I can use paper and wrap the icky color candles I have. You are on Thrift and smart chick!

  5. Too cute! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

    ~ Tracy

  6. I love candles
    you have some really creative ideas!
    and everything looks so pretty

  7. I have plenty of empty jars and don't know what to do I already did throw them away. Thanks I came to your blog ^_^

    Fish minus chips

  8. Diann, great idea for using the scrap paper for the candles and the it..

  9. Very pretty Valentine's candles. You are so clever and thrifty. What an inspiration. Now, I see a use for the two glass salsa jars I saved, for candle decor.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday and Talented Tuesday (found a new meme ).

  10. Such cute ideas! I really gotta get decorating for Valentine's Day...


  11. very beautiful crafting ideas, got to try these. thanks for sharing.

  12. These look like fun and turned out nicely!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I like the ribbon with the conversation hearts on it. Nothing says Valentine's Day like conversation hearts.


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