Thrifty Thursday

Hi everyone! Today is Thrifty Thursday over at Leigh's blog, "Tales From Bloggeritaville". Stop by and check out all the fun finds everyone else is showing!

My thrift finds this week are brand new items. Yup, no thrift store, just some great prices for nice items! I did a quick stop at AJ Wright to see what they had.

I bought two things that I really love! First up is this silver candlestick. I loved the height of it. Then when I picked it up I realized it was tin. Very light. And then I looked at the price, it went home with me!

Check out the price.......

Then I found this resin plaque. I really love the look of it. It has several chips and I plan to brush a little bronze & gold paint. But, even with the chips in it, I still love it. It was clearanced for $3.00 but, I stopped and talked to the manager that was marking down other items and asked if she would be willing to go any cheaper. When she saw all the chips, she marked it down another 50%! So, I got it for $1.50! My two little tresures came to a whopping $2.50!!

Don't feel embarrassed to ask for a discount or a further discount. The worst thing they can say is no.

What fun thrifty things did you find this week?

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  1. Oh yes those are my kind of bargains! I am not afraid to ask for another mark down, sometimes things have gotten more beat up since the last pricing! Good job! Love the plaque.

  2. Oh My Goodness Diann! What bargains, and what beauties! I've never heard of that store, but I sure wish we had one around here. Those things would have been with me at the checkout too! laurie

  3. Awesome finds! I love to see a good deal! Thanks for sharing! Sherri : )

  4. I need to go shopping with you...but since I can't I will take your advice and not be afraid to ask for a discount. You found some awesome bargains this week.

  5. Hi Diann -- So nice to meet you! Thanks for checking out my blog and your comment. It cracked me up. YES, I do have BALLS! Ha!

    Don't you just love it when you find those awesome deals?! It makes my heart all "aflutter"!

    I just found some great stuff at Goodwill last week. All different finishes, mostly gold (eek!) so I spray painted everything white and I'm putting it all together right now. I'll be posting about it soon!


  6. Wow, what a (beautiful) steal of a lamp! I've been so caught up in home improvements that I haven't had the chance to go out and buy anything this week... probably the thriftiest thing I could have done :).

  7. AWESOME!! You got the goodies here!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Diann,
    Great finds! That sign, beautiful!
    Sorry I am so late. As it ended up, we did have a (6 hour) 2AM-8Am stint in the ER with my son. Praise God, all is ok. But,it's taken me some time to recover from being up all night. Alas, I am late in getting around to everyone this week. My apologies.
    Sincere thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritville Thrifty Thursday!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville


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