Three or More Tuesday!

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Okay everyone, hold your hats! I, Diann, bought something at full retail price!! Okay, deep Feeling better? Before you all think I must have went over the deep end or had some kind of "thrifting overload", let me explain.

I have been doing different survey companies for a few years now. You don't get rich, but you can earn a little here and there. And many of these survey companies reward you with gift cards. I received a Walmart gift card for $25.00 from one of these companies recently. I generally kind of stockpile these cards and use them for gifts, groceries or some other neccessities. But, I decided to use part of this card for this pretty set.

My mom and I went to Sams Club the other day. I treated for us both to have a soft drink and slice of pizza before we started shopping. I used my Walmart Gift card. Then we shopped. I picked up a couple of boring things that we were out of. Then I saw this awesome set of four large ceramic serving trays in this cool black iron holder. It was $14.00 and I didn't even blink or feel guilty as I placed it in my shopping cart! LOL

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  1. Oh I am so glad you put that right into your buggy! That is so awesome and versatile and I love it and at $14 I think that is a pretty thrifty buy!!

  2. Full price!!! At least it was a good full price for what you got :0)

  3. Great choice!! That is a wonderful serving tray set. Worth every penney.

  4. I love the serving tray set. That was still a bargain at $14.00..I love those gorgeous colors..

  5. Hi Diann, I am new to TOMT. I do like your bargain buy. The colors and great and nice size trays for many things. You have a nice blog and some great hints. I will be back. Pop over to my neck of the woods as I am just learning this theme. blessings

  6. Still a thrifty deal in my book. Enjoy!!!

  7. Ha! I did the same thing when I saw these at Sam's! I justified it by telling my husband they could be used all year long-red or green at Christmas, red or white at Valentine's, white at Easter, red at 4th of July, gold or green at Thanksgiving... He rolled his eyes and wandered off. I took that as agreement and paid for them!


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