Show and Tell

It's Friday and that means it is Show and Tell over at Cindy's blog "My Romantic Home". Cindy always has beautiful things to show, so stop by and say hi!

I am still showing some of my wonderful Christmas gifts that my sweet husband got me this year. He did so awesome shopping for me this year! I loved and I mean LOVED everything I got!

I was so excited when I opened up this present and saw these beautiful crystal salt wells and spoons! I think I let out a un-lady like squeal! They are just so pretty! He apparently had quite a time in a bidding war for these on Ebay.

They are in their orginal box and it is stamped with "Made in Czekoslovakia". What a great treasure!!

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  1. Oh I love the salt wells and the really cute spoons! Oh he did good!!!

  2. Hi Diann,

    What a beautiful gifts you received from yr hubby. Those are precious and should be kept in good sake. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  3. Love the spoons with your salt cellars. Your hubby did GOOD!

  4. It looks like vintage, right? It's absolutely lovely.
    Gracie @

  5. salt wells are a lost art!!! They're beautiful.

    My Show n Tell, HERE, ---it's 32 degrees out, and I have one lone iris blooming!!! Come see the rich beautiful purple!! the dead of winter.

    Happy Friday!

  6. What a thought ful gift!
    Ebay can be fun, I've found some great stuff there too.

  7. What a wonderful gift. I have been saving salts for about 20 years...the spoons are the hard ones!! I have many salts and very few spoons.

  8. What a treasure. I understand the glass spoons are hard to find - many did not survive.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. very special treasure! I got a set of cellars this summer in The Eastern Shore of VA but no spoons...I have no idea how I'll ever find any.

  10. Those are gorgeous!!! I'm so impressed that your husband bought those! I love that!


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