Today is Rednesday over at "It's a Very Cherry World". When you get a sec, go check out everyone's red posts!

Well, I had my red post all ready for today and of course, I was going to post a Valentine-ish post in red. However, as I was putting the little princess to bed, that changed. We have a whole routine when she goes to bed. We have to say good night to each of her favorite stuffed toys. And each night she chooses which ones she wants to sleep with. Well, tonight was a lot of "Red Friends". So, I grabbed the camera and she showed each of them off to the camera for me.

Here is her latest favorite...a Talking Elmo she received for Christmas this year.

Next up is a Winnie the Pooh she received for her birthday last year.

And her other Winnie the Pooh from last Christmas joins in for the fun!

So, this week the little princess decided to show some of her favorite Reds!

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  1. Oh Pooh BEARS ... Love bears ... Love Pooh ... Love RED!!! Delightful post.
    Happy REDnesday to you Diann.
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  2. Love the stuffed animals! How sweet and we love us some red elmo!

  3. Oh, Diann, I just want to hug her and her Stuffies! It gives me fond memories of my girls when they were little and their bedtime routines. In fact, they seriously won't give up their stuffies (at 12 and 17) - they're all stored away in the basement in huge plastic bins!

  4. Such a sweet post, and you're so lucky to have a little one around! Sometimes I wish my 21 year old daughter was still a little girl!
    Happy REDnesday!
    P.S. I enjoyed discovering your hubby's blog today! You have two fun bloggers in one family!

  5. Can't help but smile after seeing this sweet little girl and her cuddly toys. :-)


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