Planning Ahead

I don't know about you, but I saw so many fantastic craft ideas out there in the blogoshere for Christmas! I was just doing the whole, "ooooh, I wanna do that! Ooooh, I wanna make that!". But, unfortunately, reality of everyday life had it's nerve to steal my time! LOL Not only is it such a busy time of the year, but, money wise, I couldn't do half the things I thought of or saw.

However, during the season, as I saw different things, I kept an online file of all these ideas.
I also would take pictures of different decorations that I saw at stores or where ever and filed those away.

I figure now I have a whole year to work on them and try to search for items that are much more thrifty than just going and buying them full price.

One idea that I saw at Macy's early on in the season was going to take a gazillion faux cranberries to make. I really had wanted to make it for this past Christmas. I had the time to get it done but, OMG, it would have cost a pretty penny! So, I put it on the back burner.

Last week when I finally decided to go out and check and see what Christmas stuff was left out there, I stopped at a local Dollar Store. Did you notice the incredible selection of holiday decorations that the Dollar stores were selling this year? They have really kicked it up a notch or two! They didn't have a lot of stuff left however, they had an entire case of bunched cranberries! And the best part? Each package was .25 cents!! I had checked out this store when I first wanted to make this Christmas craft and they didn't have any cranberries. I think I would have spent the $20.00 to make it if the dollar store had the cranberries. I had searched all the craft stores and it would have cost me about $60.00 to make even with the "50% off" sale that was going on with Christmas floral.

A woman was straightening up the area and I told her that I had looked for these before Christmas and she said they just found the case in the backroom. Lucky me! I found a few other things that others dismissed.

Now, in the past, I have found these great items to make different things with but, they kinda disappeared after the holidays. Packed up, shoved way in the back on a shelf with other Christmas items. This year, I packed them in a box and kept them separate from other holiday decorations. They went in my crafting stash area.

I now have a couple of Christmas craft things to make. And all the items to make them with are all in one box clearly marked. The best part is they cost a fraction of what they would have cost during the holiday season!

Make sure you label your crafting boxes clearly and on a couple of sides of the box in case it gets turned around. Also, use a box that you want to keep for awhile because you may need to return the original item that came in it. Since this box is going to stay in an easily accessible area, I will have it handy. I used the box our new wireless printer came in. So far so good with the printer but, you never know. If I have to take it back for any reason, I have the box ready.

Notice my high quality signs I made and such technical terminology! LOL

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  1. Good thinking! I swear I'll be organized every year and somehow that never happens. I'll have to try your approach!

  2. So smart to get an early start on all things Holiday!

  3. I got those same place mats! I got the red ones and white ones, I wanted to grab the gold and green but i ended up not and now that i think back on it i should have i couldve used the green for st. pattys day. /headsmack


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