Pink Saturday

Hi everyone! It is Pink Saturday at "How Sweet The Sound".

Today is the day I will start to slowly take down the Christmas decorations. And these two tree ornaments were new on our tree this year. They were both bought for The Little Princess by our wonderful friends when they visited Bronners in Frankenmuth this past summer. Surprise! They are pink! LOL

They are just too cute!

Beverly asked us to share a project or two that we plan on getting done in 2010. Well, of course, I have a gazillion projects in mind! But, the biggest project is to get the rest of our home painted. And hopefully the first thing painted will be the kitchen and dining room. We have the paint all ready to go. We just need the time and gumption (wow, does anyone even use that word any more? LOL)! Right now our kitchen is almost a slightly darker version of bubblegum pink. It was suppose to be a light Terra cotta, but that was not the color that it turned out to be. It's been this color for years. Now we are going with a rich golden color and an accent in a deeper shade. There will be hits of a deep berry color here and there as well.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!

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  1. Have fun taking down the Christmas decorations :-) I've got that on my list of things to do this weekend.
    Keep us posted on how the painting turns out.

  2. Oh you know I love those pink ornaments! Since I'm the princess at my house (lol) I would have those on my girly tree! So cute. I guess I will also start to take down the trees...honestly, not ready yet but I guess it's time.

  3. The house always looks so empty when the decorations come down. Have a Happy New Year. Terry

    I am having an apron giveaway. Check it out.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday!! I can't wait to see your kitchen. My daughter just painted hers a dark gold and it turned out really pretty.

  5. Very pretty ornaments! We have a similar goal too, except I want to finish painting the Out side of our house in 2010.
    My plan was to take the ornaments down today but I was enjoying the tree too much - but suddenly a string oflights burned out so tonite or tomorrow!

  6. Very,very pretty ornaments..and I can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out. The colors sound just wonderful.Happy Pinks Saturday..have a lovely weekend.

  7. Oh Diann, paint is on the agenda here, if I have to pay to have it done..I love the idea of the golden color with BERRY accents, that is what I am looking you have paint samples, oh wait you said you had the paint, would you mind sharing which colors they are??
    The ornaments are beautiful. Frankenmuth is in Michigan right..we have friends in Grand Rapids and we talked at one time of going to visit and sightsee and Frankenmuth was mentioned...
    Have a wonderful evening

  8. Pretty ornaments. I've been painting for the last 3 months, off and on. And I got more on my list this year. Good luck with getting the gumption. Rosie

  9. Happy New Year from our house to your house. Gumption...I use that word too. You go girl! You can do it!
    Joyce, IL, USA


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