More Thrifty Treasures!

Today is 2nd time Around at "A Picture s Worth a 1,000 Words". Make sure to stop by to see what fun finds Diane is posting and what others linking up are showing!

I just couldn't resist using this picture for thrifty finds! LOL

Here are a few more of the treasures I got at the Trade Center last week. You can read more about my adventure HERE and HERE.

Back in the early 1980's I sold Avon. I still love Avon. Good Company and good products. Anyway, I had bought 2 wine glasses and 2 dessert plates in this pretty etched glass Hummingbird collectiable series. I have always regretted not getting the candlesticks and the vase. But, at the time, they were a little pricey. Well, not only did I find a perfect condition set of the Hummingbird candlesticks for a great price but, the vendor said he thinks he still has the vase somewhere and will look for me.

Here is the set of Avon Hummerbird candlesticks. They were a grand total of $2.00 for the set! I think I will use my pieces for a Valentines Day tablescape next month.

At a vendor that I bought several things from (Mondays Blue post plates for example) I was able to do some successful haggling. I really like these cut glass coffee cups. I have been kind of looking for some clear glass cups so I could mix and match them with different tablesettings. You can' go wrong with a nice set of plain white dishes and a set of clear dishes. They just stretch your tablesettings to a gazillion possibilities. The vendor wanted .50 cent a cup but, i asked if he would take $1.00 for all 4. After some "discussion", he agreed.

Sorry for the dark pictures coming up. I hadn't realzed how much the sun had gone down when I took the pics. The same vendor as above had this one little lonely pink glass cup sitting on his shelf marked .25 cents. I love pink glass and I don't have a lot of it. I am slowly trying to build up enough for a table. I used to never buy just "one" of something because, afterall, I didn't have anything to go with it. And then a "DUH" moment struck and I realized I would NEVER have anything to go with it if I didn't start buying a piece here and there. Not to mention, I do way more mixing and matching than I do complete sets of anything. And I even paid the FULL .25 cents for this cup! LOL I was doing a LOT of haggling with this guy and thought I would be nice and just shut up over this price! LOL

I got this beautiful purple pansy design teacup and saucer at a little vendor area way in the back of the building. The booth was being run by a mother and daughter and they were so hidden in the back that they were not getting any customers. They were such sweet ladies and were so thrilled that I stopped by their booth. I ended up buying two teacups and saucers from them (I will be posting the other one for Pink Saturday. Both sets were marked $1.00. I did not haggle at all. I have been buying teacups for too long to know a good price when I see one! This set is not old, just pretty. Oh, and after I left their booth, I wander to another one nearby. As I was looking, the daughter ran up to me and handed me a bag of roasted peanuts (they were selling them as well) and told me that her mom insisted I take a bag for free! How sweet!

That's it for today. More to come in future posts! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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  1. Love the candle sticks with the humming birds! And what a good buy on the pretty little tea cup and saucer!

  2. You did good girl!! I love the hummingbird candle sticks!! Hope you get the vase! I love that teacup and saucer and for $1 great deal.

  3. The hummingbird candle holders are so dainty. The pieces with the panies are so pretty

  4. That teacup and saucer are a great find. I think it is chintzware.

  5. Love the little Avon pieces! What a surprise to find them after all these years, huh?

    Thanks for checking out my blog today!

  6. The candle holders with the hummingbirds are just adorable.

  7. you always find great things.

  8. Oooohhh thrift store shopping .... my best!! I love the teacup and candle stick holders - truly exquisite!
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    Vintage Rose Studio

  9. You're really good at finding great bargains. Congratulations on finding the candlesticks too!


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