It's Time for another Thrifty Tablescape Thursday!

Hi everyone and welcome to my "duo" Thursday post. I am sure by now you know the two lovely ladies that host the 2 wonderful parties on Thursday. We have Leigh over at "Tales from Bloggeritaville" and Susan from "Between Naps on the Porch". Leigh hosts Thrifty Thursday and Susan hosts Tablescape Thursday.

It only makes sense for me to combine these two parties since being a thrifter and a dishaholic, my tablescapes are always going to be made up of thrifty finds.

Make sure to check out both of these awesome parties! You will love what you see at each!!

Today I chose to do a brighter tablescape than normal. I think is had to do with the gloomy days we have had around here. A lot of rain and gray skies.

And as always, lets start at the beginning of our table.......

I started with a pretty buttercup yellow linen tablecloth. Okay, if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll let ya in on a little secret....okay, come in closer, I don't want anyone else to hear. This is just a piece of yellow linen fabric. I just folded it and put it on the table. The unfinished selvage edges are hidden. I bought this piece of fabric back in the Spring at a little second hand store near where we were camping at the time. They had an upstairs to the store and it is 50% filled with racks of hanging cuts of fabrics. Oh, I loved this place! I bought several pieces. They had a lot of vintage cuts there as well. and the prices!! This large piece was $1.29! (ignore the wrinkles LOL). The true color did not show up on this picture. It looks washed out but, it isn't.

Next up is a bamboo table runner. I got this sometime last year on clearance at Walmart.

Then I added these fun denim place mats. I really like these. They are a nice weight denim with wooden beads for trim. I bought them at Pier 1 Import Clearance store about 6 years ago. They were .75 cents each.

As a centerpiece, I added my new ceramic trays and holder. You can see more about them at this post.

I added these wicker charger plates. I got them clearanced at Walmart this past summer. I have been wanting a set of these but, wasn't going to pay the regular price. I got them for $2.00 each which I am still bummed about paying! LOL So, if you find these for under $2.00 each, snatch them up.

Next I added these solid cobalt blue ceramic dinner plates. I got them at a thrift store (just 2).

Earlier this week I posted about buying these 4 different color stoneware plates for .25 cents each. I chose to use the yellow one and the orange one for this tablescape.

Okay, the real inspiration of this table were these bowls and mugs. We use these everyday. As a matter of fact I always use one of these cups for my morning coffee because I LOVE them! I tried to use the colors from these dishes in my tablescape. It is kind of a running joke in our house at this point. This complete set is still available at a lot of the T J Maxx stores. I would love to have the entire set however, my budget won't let me. I first saw this set at T J Maxx back in the early Spring. When I was admiring it I noticed that one of the mugs was clearanced for $1.00! I have no idea why. there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I snatched it up and was thrilled to have one! During the summer I went to a different T J Maxx and although they didn't have this set of dishes, I found another one of the mugs clearanced for $1.00 again! Woohoo! I bought it. I was so happy to have 2 matching mugs in this design! Then around Halloween, I was at yet another T J Maxx and found a bowl clearanced for $1.00. And then finally around Christmas when I was out of town, I stopped at a 4th T J Maxx to do some Christmas shopping and found my 2nd bowl for $1.00! So this set is being purchased one piece at a time and it looks like it may take years! LOL

I don't know about you but, when I do a tablescape, there is a lot of trial and error involved. I generally gather a lot of items that may or may not work on the table. I also try different looks. So, when I decided to add these Ralph Lauren napkins (package of 4 bought at 80% off!!) I tried a couple of ways of putting them on the table. First up was this...

Nope, that didn't work for me. So, I put it to the side and liked it much better.

The napkin rings are wood and were purchased at the same time I bought the denim place mats. They were marked down to .50 cents each.

Tucked in our everyday silverware.

Then I added these fun vintage amber pedestal glasses. I also talked about them on this post.

Then I added these interesting candlesticks (also talked about in the post I linked above with the glasses). At first I added wine colored tapers but, that just didn't feel right. Then I realized I hadn't used any of the sagey green from the bowls and cups yet to the table so, I found these candles.

I decided that I needed to stop at this point. I had all kinds of other fun things to add to the table but, thought any more would be overkill.

Oops, guess I wasn't finished! Troy surprised me with this little yellow bouquet of flowers.

I didn't want to add a vase to the table so I just wrapped some ribbon around the stems and placed them on the centerpiece trays.

So, that is my thrifty tablescape for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. here are just some random shots of the table.

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  1. This is a cozy and thrifty tablescape! The pieces just look wonderful together. The idea to wrap the flowers is perfect.

  2. Step by step, item by item, I have liked everything that you have put on this table! The colors are great, and the little touches like the table runner and the wrought iron plate holder make this so interesting.

  3. Very beautiful and colorful and to think that it all started with a plain yellow and crumpled piece of cloth, lol. You are so creative!...Christine

  4. Love the cobalt and yellow with the bowls/mugs; perfect!

  5. my kind of colors! I love it, great job!

  6. Hi Diann, This color combination is great! Love that server with the different color platters...

  7. You do have an eye for thrift bargains!! I love the colors of your tablescape and how you build it step by step!

    Miss Bloomers

  8. What a great combination of colors! So festive...I love it!

  9. I really love the warm colors in this tablescape. I have been wanting those wicker chargers from Walmart but can't afford them. I will just keep hoping I find them on sale one of these days. It all looks wonderful.

  10. I love the way you built the tablescape before our eyes with your photos. The end result was so inviting!

  11. How fun to see your table "built"! I wanted to thank you for visiting us and for your sweet comment, but now that we "discovered" you, we'll be following!
    xoxo Pattie

  12. LUV the colors you have here! Thanks for coming by for a visit...hope you come again:)


  13. OOOHHH Diann, This table is so warm and inviting. Great job! Thanks too for stopping by. Which 2 peices of the pine pattern do you have?
    I hope you stop by often. Now that I know where you are I stop by again!

  14. I can see why you love those mugs; that pattern is just beautiful! Great finds! I think finding items piece by piece is like a treasure hunt!

  15. Hey, I am a subscriber but I have never commented before....but this was beautiful. And I also like the step by step reveals....great! Thanks for giving us ideas.........chris

  16. Thanks for sharing with us specially me your smart ideas of how you sets you great table.

    Colour mixtures are so cool.

    Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden...

  17. So pretty and full of color. I really like how you set the silverware in the napkin and napkin ring.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. What a GORGEOUS tablescape. Its so cheery. One canot help smile!Great work!

    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!


    Tales from Bloggertiaville

  19. Diann, I love that TJ M china you are purchasing $1.00 at a time! Your table looks so nice, and I think wrapping the bouquet with ribbon is so clever and pretty. I also like the way you tucked the flatware into your napkin. Great job! laurie

  20. Diann, The table looks great. I have a platter and four plates that match your mugs. I purchased these on sale at TJ Maxx several months ago but you got a much better deal on yours. I always enjoy your post.

  21. a very pretty and colorful table -- I like the way you pulled it all together.

  22. You did a really nice job of putting that together. I like how you show it to us in layers. That is so neat!


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