Getting a little organizing done!

Trying like crazy to keep my sorta, kinda New Year's Resolution of getting our home more organized and me more organized, I worked on a little overdue project.

If you read my blog on semi-regularly, you know I am a dish freak. And dish freaks have a tendency to also love table linens. I have collected different types of table linens for over 25 years. Lots were handed down to me or given to me as gifts. So, I have quite a large collection.

As a matter of fact, one of my all time favorite Christmas gifts I have ever received from my mom was this big basket filled with placemat sets, matching napkins and napkin rings. She collected them all year long when she saw cute sets go clearanced at different stores.

Storing and organizing all these beautiful treasures was not an easy chore. I had them scattered throughout our home. Some downstairs in the kitchen, some in a china cabinet drawer, some in bags in the pantry. You get the idea. And as with anything, if you don't have them all together and neatly organized to see what you have, you end up not using them.

Before the holidays last year, we got a "new" dresser for free. Okay, it was a curbside bargain! I did a post about it here. I finally scrubbed it down and put away all my linens! Woohoo! I gathered them all up from all four corners of the earth and organized them. That poor dresser is now packed full! I will be slowly culling out some sad and worn out linens but, I know I will replace them just as fast! LOL I love finding different thrift store linens.

The problem with putting things in drawers is that you fold them and stack them and then forget what is underneath all the top items. Or you have to tear part your neatly folded piles to get the underneath stuff out. I stopped doing this a long time ago. I fold and then sort of "roll" my items in my drawers so they are all lined up and I can easily see everything. I do this with my clothes dressers as well.

The top drawer has all my napkins, napkin rings and vintage hankies & doilies.

The second drawer is all placemats.

The third drawer is half placemats and half table runners.

The bottom drawer is all tablecloths. Sorry no picture (got interrupted by a nosy little princess with grabby fingers!)

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  1. thanks for sharing this Diann. I have been trying to organize my linens since I realized I had stuff here there and everywhere. I like your free dresser!

  2. Linens are always hard to store for me...of course I have a Goodwill addiction so my stash grows almost weekly...I like this idea!!!

  3. great job, girlie!! Love it. Love the way you organized it all. I have an antique desk drawer with mine. But, I'm with stack them and forget the bottom. I love the way you folded the matts and runners. TFS.

  4. You have quite the collections of things! Super job or arranging them! Inspirational!

  5. There is no easy way to store linens for me. I am going to try rolling them from now on! Thanks for the tip.
    Have a great weekend!


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