Vintage Thingie Thursday

Happy New Year's Eve!

For this weeks Vintage Thingie Thursday post over at Coloradolady, I am showing you a tie bar I got my hubby. I bought it at an antique store back in the summer. I knew he would love it. Now he needs to use some cleaner and get it polished up. LOL

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  1. Too fun Diann.

    What kind of tie do you wear with that?

    blessings and thanks for coming by

    barbara jran

  2. What a interesting piece....I have never seen one like it...great for the manly-man!! Have a great VTT and a wonderful New Year.....

  3. Wow how cool is that? I've never seen a piece like that before. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!


  4. That is a very cool tie bar. When I saw the first picture I thought it was a pair of took me a second to realize it was a tie bar.
    Thanks for all the great thrifty tips, coupons etc. that you've posted this year.

  5. Oh that's really fun! And so detailed!!

    happy vtt!

  6. A perfect gift for a man good with his hands in tools. I have seen many interesting tie bars, but never one like this.

  7. Oh that is just too cool! Does he love it? Such a great 'man' gift!

    Happy New Year!


  8. That is so the second one a tweezer? Happy New Year to you all!

    VTT~Old Yoke

  9. Those tiny pliers sure fooled me. I thought they were antique full sized pliers you were showing us. :). I just love this little tie's the cutest ever.
    Have a safe and Happy New Year..I hope 2010 is one of the best years ever..

  10. I thought it actually WAS a pair of pliers!!!

    Oh, don't polish it - - - it looks "used" this way.

  11. How cute is that - and different. Bet none of the other guys will have one! LOL
    Happy New Year to you and your family.


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