Thrifty Christmas Activities

Do you and your family take advantage of all the fun and free activities that are in full swing for the holidays?

Just like when Autumn arrives and we have all the fun apple orchards to go to, this time of the year we go to different Christmas Tree Farms!

A lot of the farms have extra activities that the family can enjoy for free. Around here we have ones that have petting zoos, free hot chocolate and generally some kind of barn or other building that is heated with kid friendly activities. Also, Santa is usually there to greet the kids as well.

After spending some time at the Tree farm, driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights is another of our favorite Christmas activities. There are so many things to enjoy that is free at this time of the year!

I'm not a big mall fan, however, I love to see them all decorated for Christmas. We will usually go and check out the holiday decorations while enjoying a coffee or some kind of drink. We don't always do shopping, sometimes we go just to enjoy the atmosphere.

Going to local parks with a bag of old stale bread and feeding the ducks or birds is another "no cost" activity. Or going out into the local wooded area and cutting some pine branches to use in your home decor is another thing I look forward to. There is nothing better than the fresh smell of real pine!

Local libraries are showing Christmas movies free of charge. Sure you can watch most of them at home on TV but, getting out and watching the reactions of other little kids during a Christmas movie is so much fun!

A lot of cities have Santa Days where your child can go and talk to Santa. One of the little towns in our area does "Christmas Shopping nights". The town is old and has a lot of speciality shops. Most of the store owners offer free hot chocolate or coffee and Christmas cookies just for stopping by. This town is a small town with a own square. You can just walk around and look at all the pretty holiday decorations. Christmas music is piped throughout the streets and everywhere you look there are lit up Christmas decorations.

Our local Metro Park is having a "Santa Workshop" for the kids. Area churches are having plays and caroling. City parks are having caroling and tree lighting ceremonies.

There is a lot of fun family things to do that are free or a minimum fee. Spend this holiday season creating new and fun memories with the ones you love. they will remember going and doing some of these tings more than what gift they got.

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  1. Wow we may do somethings around town this weekend. We shall see.


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