Organizing Our Pantry

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I really encourage keeping a stocked pantry/food storage. We have lived through the "emergency" situation in which our food storage was very vital to get us through that time. So, we are dedicated to maintaining it.

Anyone who keeps a good stocked pantry knows that the food rotation is a pain in the ...ummm....neck. I have seen some awesome food storage rotation systems out there. One company that I have checked out and dreamt about having their systems is Shelf Reliance. This company has some awesome products! However, it just doesn't fit my budget. A few of the blogs I follow that concentrate on being prepared often have giveaways for one of Shelf Reliance's products. I always sign up! LOL But, I have never won.

I started searching online and found several sites and blogs that have made their own rotating can systems. There are some very cleaver ideas out there.

Well, one day recently, we were in bed and heard a crash. Uh Oh! We found one of our metal shelving units crashed in our pantry. We weren't too surprised by this since it was a Dumpster Dive find years ago and was a little abused when we got it. But, that left us with a major organization problem.

So, Troy decided it was time to build our own can storage rotating unit. He started looking on Craiglists in the freebies section for our area to see if he could gather enough decent wood to build this project. And sure enough he found exactly what he was looking for. So, one morinng he headed up to retrieve all this wood. Wow, did we get way more than we thought we were going to get! It was awesome. The guy gave Troy not only double the amount of wood he was going to need but, a bunch of shelving racks and several regular shelves with all the brackets all ready attached. I already have my eye on all this extra shelving and have some redo projects in mind for them! LOL

So, Troy got to work designing and building our new rotation shelving unit. The above picture is the finished product. I am so proud of him for getting this made and doing it for for virtually no money!

Oh, and in case you are wondering, no we do not have a large pantry. We live in a 2 bedroom townhouse and this closet is about half the size of a standard walk-in closet.

If you would like to see the steps that he took to build this and how it all came together, please head over to his blog, I Refuse to Recede!

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