My Secret Santa Gifts!!

This was so much fun! I got this big heavy box delivered to me and had intentions of putting it under the tree and opening it Christmas morning. And I even lasted for 15 whole minutes before I ripped it apart!

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A bunch of awesome goodies for my kitchen! Yippee!

My fabulous Secret Santa is a wonderful blogger that I have had the chance to get to know via blogging, Piera at Jolly Mom. I'm sure she sounds familiar to you as well since I referred you to her blog on a semi regular basis.

I think Piera some how managed to secretly slip into my kitchen and look around. Because she picked out things that I really have wanted but, you know how it often goes, those are things that seem to always get put on the back burner so to speak because something else always takes priority.

So here are my awesome gifts!

This beautiful set of heavy ceramic mixing bowls. Don't ya love the taupe and off white colors! I do not have a set. Can you believe it! Now I do! Yay for me!

Next up we have this pretty ceramic pitcher. First of all I really like it just as it is for a floral arrangement for the table or with nothing in it. But, with dinner, we always have a pitcher of ice water on the table so, this will get used a lot!

This next gift is a Gooseberry cookbook. This is too funny because when I went shopping for my Secret Santa gift I picked two of these books and put them in my cart. One for me and one for my SS gift! I didn't end up getting either because I found a different thing for my SS gift and I thought I would wait until after Christmas to buy me a copy! This cookbook has some awesome "Tried and True" recipes that I can't wait to try!

And last but not least, a set of four dish towels. Oh man do I ever need these! If I had any guts I would show you the pathetic dish towels I have, but I'm not really into any Christmas embarrassment at the moment! LOL

Aren't these just great gifts! Thank you so much Piera! You did so awesome! And thank you T J Maxx/Marshalls for letting me be apart of this super fun Christmas event!!

Oh and if you would like to see what I got for my Secret Santa gift, head over to another blog I refer you to quite often, Go Graham Go!

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  1. What a wonderful Secret Santa..a lovely gift, and I think you lasted longer than I would, for I would have ripped into the package immediately. :). Merry Christmas..

  2. What a great group of stuff! How awesome it was just what you needed!
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Hi Diann,

    I am so happy that you not only received everything in one piece {I was so scared LOL}, but that you also love what I picked out. From reading your blog, I knew that you really enjoy household/dining things so I was really hoping that you would like what I picked. YAY that you do!

    Merry Christmas, Diann! Enjoy! : )



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