My Christmas Gifts From Marshall's!

I know I was planning on getting this post out on Monday, but the day got away from me.

As I told you all Saturday on this post, I had the pleasure to participate in a fun Christmas event sponsored by Marshall's and T J Maxx. I received 2 $25.00 Marshall gift cards. One to use to buy a Secret Santa Christmas gift for another blogger and the other to use for my own Christmas shopping or for whatever I wanted.

Since I can't tell you what I got for my Secret Santa gift, I will show you what Marshall's got me for Christmas! Ooooh and what great taste they have! They knew exactly what I wanted! LOL

First off I got these these two stemmed mercury glass candle holders. One is 18' tall and the other is 12". I love the crisscross gold design in them. The two of them were sold separately, however, together came to less than $12.00!

Next up are these two Christmas salad plates and one dinner plate. There was only one dinner plate left in the store. But, I really loved this pattern and thought I would use the larger plate more as a platter. When I got home and grabbed the bag from the truck and I dropped it! Oh my heart sank when I heard a crack! The larger plate broke but, it was a single break with a few chips missing. I glued it back together. I will just use it in an ornamental way. And that is what I am doing with all three pieces this year.

Then I spotted this beautiful dinner plate. I remembered this pattern from the Spring and LOVED it but, just didn't have the spare cash to buy any pieces at the time. That's why I was surprised to spot this plate. The whole line had been long sold out. It was clearanced for $1.00! Yippee! I will use it as a serving dish. It is just so pretty!

Although I am only showing one of these pretty Christmas plates, I actually bought two of them. I love having different dishes. There are just so many beautiful patterns! But, buying whole sets? Most of the time that is out of the question for me due to price and space so, I buy two plates, since there is just the two of us (and the munchkin really prefers her Disney Princess plates!).

Troy and I have our little Christmas Eve tradition. After we get back from the get together with my family, we grab some pillows and a blanket and snuggle in to watch our favorite version of A Christmas Carol (starring George C. Scott). We open our stocking stuffers during the movie and general have a cup of hot cocoa and some kind of special treat/snack. So, these two plates will be our "Special Christmas Eve plates". Yes, I know it is corny but, I like to be corny from time to time. :)

So, those are my new Christmas gifts to myself courtsey of Marshalls. I ended up spending $27.46. With my $25.00 Gift card and a whopping $2.46, I am one happy gal!! Thank you Marshalls!!

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  1. I love all the goodies you got. Such fun and such bargains. I hate when I drop something like that! I think your Christmas Eve celebration is wonderful! Have a wonderful evening using your wonderful new plates.

    Merry Christmas,


  2. Diann!!!!! You are so sweet!!!!!! I am so glad you were my Secret Santa! I completely LOVE my gifts! You did such an awesome job and I loved the wrapping job as well!

    Seriously, you are so very thoughtful and we are putting the beverage dispenser to test this evening so I will let you know how it works!

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.


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