Girl's Shopping Trip

Hi everyone! Well, we had another successful "Girl's Shopping Trip". That would be why I haven't had a lot of posting going on. I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

I am happy to say that I completed about 95% of my Christmas shopping! Yippee!

I have to say, I was pretty surprised by the lack of good sales. I think it wasn't so much the lack of sales but more the lack of decent pricing. We were all talking about the fact that the everyday prices have dramatically gone up since last year so, that made the sale prices not very welcoming! Have you noticed this too?

At Macy's I hit the clearance racks in the little girl department. I was able to pick up a couple of adorable dresses for my Little Princess that were marked down to $7.00 and then I had a 25% of my entire purchase coupon. I found nothing at any of the other stores in the mall that fit my budget.

We hit the "outside" stores that surrounded the mall and had a bit of better luck. I got a lot of good deals at Target which surprised me but, I am really keeping my eye on Target these days. They seem to be really trying to work with the economy and their customers which is encouraging! Go Target!

Toys R Us.........don't even get me started! OYE! I don't see myself entering that store in this lifetime ever again! It's a nightmare in my personal opinion. And they are so expensive! Kids running wild, parents screaming and just being overall rude. I was so shocked. It just isn't worth it to me.

Big Lots was a hit and miss. I was really disappointed in the higher price points on holiday items however, on other things I got some good deals.

Pier 1, prices seem to be much higher this year and very little in bargains. I bought a few things but, I was the only one to purchase anything in there in our little shopping group! Which I have never seen in the last 13 years! I bought some clearanced fall candles for next year and a couple of ornaments. That was it. We usually walk out of there with nice big bags of fun things. It is the last store we always go to before we meet for lunch and celebrate another shopping trip. So, that was really disappointing.

After my main shopping was done, I had to hit up TJMaxx! Not only did I get the Little Princess a couple of cute outfits on clearance but, I got myself some clearanced goodies which I will share with you later this week. Oh, I even got Troy a few gifts there and one of my nephew his Christmas gift as well. So, I walked out of there happy!

We did a lot more gabbing, relaxing and getting caught up with each other, which is always the best part of our trip. So, Shari or Terri if you are reading this, I already miss you guys!

So, this week will be busy with getting some things done around here and trying to get my home all cleaned and ready to be decorated for Christmas.

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  1. I am finding the prices very high this year! I am looking for sales and combining with coupons also. It is the only way I'm able to buy anything. So far doing well and of course my Thrifty Christmas shopping has provided some stocking stuffers. Of course the highlight for you was being with your friends. I'm glad you had fun!


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