Get R Done Friday!

I'm sad to hear that this is the last Get R Done post over at Expressly Corgi. I haven't been linking up a lot lately but, was looking forward to do so in the new year. This is/was a party where you posted your projects that you were working on or got done. But, we will just have to stop by and see what Ms Classy Chassy is up to on a regular basis! Thank you for hosting this party all this time!

This year for Christmas I got some of the most cool gifts from my hubby! I have showed you some earlier this week. What I really loved about the gifts that he got me was that he got them from all over the place. One of the items was a beautiful creamy white soup tureen. I have been wanting one for awhile now. I have soup tureens that have patterns on them but, not a solid off white one. He found one for me at Salvation Army. He knew I would love it and even paid full Salvation Price for it because he was afraid it would be gone on the half off sticker day! LOL

However, as you can see, it had a ton of gunky sticker residue all over it.

When I went to clean it up, I realized I didn't have any Goo Gone. I love that stuff. But, it is a little pricey and I'm sure not very eco-friendly chemical wise. Then I remembered reading a long time ago that orange peel will take off sticky residue. Well, we had some Clementines so, why not try it!

Well, what a surprise! It worked great! I won't kid you, it took a little elbow grease but, the results were wonderful. The lid of the tureen was covered in gunky stuff and it took me about 5 minutes to scrub it all off with the orange peels. And a nice side effect was the kitchen smelled great! LOL I don't have to worry about and chemical cleanup or any being left on this food container. Now that I have a 2 year old, I find myself thinking about that kind of thing a lot more.

See how sparkling it came out! We always have oranges in the house during the winter and now their peels have a second use. I hope you try this thrifty and eco friendly idea!

After cleaning, this is all that was left of the orange peel..

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  1. That is a good tip. Thank you for posting.

  2. A very informative post for today. I am not much into those things anymore, but enjoy seeing what others do. Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a great New Year.

  3. That is just beautiful! Your man knows how to find a good deal! What a great tip! I'll be sure to put it to good use in the future I'm sure! lol I do know that you can use bananna peels to dust your house plants. It sure does make them shine!

    Hope you are able to find some cranberries! It was really easy to do!

    Get R Done Friday!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Oh I love that soup tureen! What a good hubby you have. I hate all that pesky sticky stuff all over everything. I think GW is the worst as they use wide sticky tape on EVERYTHING. I'm a big user of Goo Gone now but will try the orange peel! Happy New Year!

  5. Amazing you always have great ways of cleaning things..

    Happy New Year..

  6. A very nice tip today - thanks for showing us how to GET R DONE! I appreciate your kind words, and hope you will be stopping by to read my posts in the coming year! Happy New Year to you!

  7. Another tip a good use for orange peel though I must admit I usually grate mine, freeze & save for cooking use!

  8. Its a wonderful tureen and a great cleaning tip.
    By the way do you know about Lit and Laundry's Finished for Friday?
    I didn't know about Get R Done. But if you want an inspiration to finish for friday you could post there since Get R Done is ending.

  9. I am a little late posting on Get R Done - sorry. Your soup tureen that your husband picked out was very nice. My mom used to due ceramics and she made me one.

    That goo off - good stuff - but you are right the smell is strong - gives me a headache.

    I've never heard about the orange rind.

    Great idea to share. Thanks.

    Get R Done

  10. That tureen is just beautiful! What a find and such a nice gift.

    I love knowing about using orange peels to clean things too. I'll bet grapefruit would work too, as I know that it eats styrofoam.


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