Don't you love to try new things?

Signing up with different Manufacturers is a great way to get to try new products when they come out. Or in many cases, before they come out. One of the companies I signed up with was through Kelloggs Poptarts. It is called "Sprinklings". I signed up back in the summer. Every once in awhile, when they have a new product that are thinking of putting on the market, they will send out a "First Taste" to members who joined the site. They want your honest opinion of this new product. This helps to determine if it is worth it to manufacture it and get it on the shelves of stores. So, if you do join these types of sites please make sure you take a couple of minutes to do the survey from the manufacturer.

This week we got to try a new flavor Poptart called Wild Grape. Now, this was not my favorite, and I am a Poptart girl. LOL But, the Little Princess loved this treat! Not to mention, it was purple and green so, that is always cool. LOL

So, if you are interested in joining Sprinklings, head over to Kelloggs Poptart Sprinklings and sign up!

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  1. I love Pop-Tarts as well, Those actually sound pretty good. Thanks for the idea! Happy New Year!


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