Cleaning Out and Giving

Well, I completed two out of the three projects I assigned myself last month. I didn't get to the coat closet. However, the Purple Heart was asking for donations of clothes and especially coats for those in need. So, I did pull out 2 men's coats, 2 womes coats, a 18 month old snowsuit and several 18 month jackets to donate. I also donated 1 large garbage bag and a box full of 12-18 month old clothes.

So, although I didn't do a complete cleanout of my coat cloest, I was happy to get some items out that could help someone else.

This month is filled with enough "projects" so, I won't be adding any more. But, lookout when January rolls around because I will be going full steam ahead at tackling projects!

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  1. I love cleaning out and giving away, especially this time of year. Just went yesterday!

  2. What a great tackle! But shoot, I wish I had known you were getting rid of an 18-month snow suit, haha. I need one!

    If you have a chance, stop by my Tackle-It Tuesday and say hi!

  3. Well how awesome are you? It's a perfect time for cleaning out the closet and helping others stay warm. :)

  4. i did just this in the fall. it does feel so good! great tackle!


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