Carol-oke anyone?

Have you guys seen the youtube videos at Carol-oke? This is a fun holiday giveaway sponsored by T J Maxx/Marshalls. You can create and upload your very own carol-oke at youtube and enter to win a $5000.00 shopping spree or be one of 15 people to win $100.00 gift cards!

I know that most of my readers out there would LOVE to win a shopping spree to T J Maxx or Marshalls, so go check it out!

The awesome folks at Marshalls invited me to participate in a "Secret Santa" game with a few other bloggers. This is so much fun! Let me tell you about what is going on.

Marshalls/T J Maxx put together a big Secret Santa for about 100 bloggers. They sent us 2 $25.00 gift cards. One for us to buy what we want and the other to buy for the blogger that we are their Secret Santa. How much fun is that!!

When I got my GC's in the mail and headed out to Marshall's, I swear, I felt like a little kid again. I must have loaded my cart about 4 different times before I narrowed down my choice of what to buy for my Secret Santa gift. Once I picked out my Secret Santa gifts, I then went full steam ahead to shop for myself...err...Christmas gifts for people I love...errr....okay, lets face it, I SOOOOOO shopped me me!! LOL I honestly had good intentions of getting this or that for my mom or girlfriend...honest! But, every time I turned into another aisle I would do that little ridiculous "Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!" sound that doesn't sound so cute coming from a grown woman.

But, lets face it, you guys know how much I LOVE shopping at Marshalls/T J Maxx. How many posts have I written about my awesome bargain finds at one of these stores? About a gagillion! LOL

I am going to do a post Monday to show all my fabulous finds I got. I'm telling you, I bet you all will totally understand why my temptation was just too great to not buy these pretties!!

I have no idea who my Secret Santa is or what I got. Here comes that part about feeling like a little kid again. I am so excited to get my package! The suspense is killing me! LOL I wrapped up and mailed my gift that I got for my secret Santa this week and she should get it early next week. I wanted it to arrive as close to Christmas as possible. I hope she likes her gift. I know the blogger that I got to buy for a little bit via visiting her blog and I have mentioned her blog on different posts I have written. I am not going to tell you what I got her and I totally forgot to take a picture of her gift but, once we all do the "reveal" of our gifts and let each other know who was who's Secret Santa, I will send you over to her blog to check it out. Yup, none of us have a clue who our Secret Santa was. We shipped anonymously through T J Maxx/Marshalls. They took care of all the shipping for us. How totally awesome is that!!

So, don't forget to check out Carol-oke and see if you can win a shopping spree to our favorite stores, T J Maxx & Marshalls. you still have time to get in on the fun!!

And if you still have Christmas shopping to do, head to T J Maxx or Marshalls, they have something for everyone on your list there and at great prices! Seriously, y'all know how disappointed I was with the lack of good sales at the Malls this year (read my post here). but, when I went to T J Maxx I was able to get some wonderful gifts at wonderful prices!

And check back Monday to see what I got while shopping at Marshalls! Make sure you have a towel or something to wipe away the drool off your keyboard! LOL

I want to take a moment to thank the fantastic people T J Maxx/Marshalls for including me in this super fun Christmas event!

T J Maxx/Marshalls provided me with 2 $25.00 gift cards to be used as I chose. All the opinions above are strictly my own. I was not paid to participate or give my

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  1. You lucky girl!!!! I love TJ Maxx/Marshalls and have had the best bargains this year. I will be ready Monday with my drool towel!! I think that is so much fun about a Secret Santa exchange. Love it!!!! I love this time of the year....


  2. What fun! I love shopping there. Can't wait to see your prize.

  3. Wow! What a fun shopping spree! Seriously, that would get me giddy too. :) And I am totally with you about TJ Maxx - I love that store! I always head straight to the back - the cooking and decorations isles. My favorite is the ceramic plates and platters - so cute and so inexpensive!
    By the way, I'm so excited to catch up at the ward Christmas party tonight!!!!


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