My Favorite Blue and White Tea Set!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My family and I had a great holiday!

If you remember this Blue Mosaic Monday post, you know how much I was in love with this set of dishes. And for Christmas I got the Teapot, a tray/platter, creamer and sugar bowl for Christmas from Troy!! Yippee! He wanted to get the cups and saucers as well but, they were already sold out. Oh well, I will keep my eye out when I am at T J Maxx.

I just love this blue and white set! Troy also got me lots of different speciality teas to go with the set. He got me a bunch of really awesome pretty things that I will share with you over the next few days. I am such a lucky and happy girl!!

I love this beautiful dark blue platter/tray!

The pretty creamer and sugar bowl.

Besides getting me a big box of English Breakfast Tea, which is my favorite everyday tea, Troy also got me this cool box of different fruit flavored teas.

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  1. Your new crockery has a delightful old-world charm. And the tray suits it so well.

  2. I love all your blues! So pretty!

    Happy Blue Monday.


  3. I do love the blue platter and being from the UK and loving tea :) there's nothing like the first cuppa of the day - Happy Blue Monday

  4. I love all your blue collections that is also my favorite color...Happy blue Monday.

  5. It looks as if you "made out like a bandit," Diann. I love that blue tea set. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Those are beautiful!

    Have a glimpse of a Japanese Yukata outfit at my page. Happy New Year!

  7. I love all your 'blues'..... thank you for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  8. wow those are really lovely! thanks for sharing!

    u may view mine here

  9. I love the blues! So nice an such a great hubby! Enjoy the tea!

  10. How pretty and all of that tea.. Yummy..

    Glad you had a great holiday..

  11. Beautiful Blue Dishes!
    Happy Blue Monday !

  12. What pretty blue and white pieces. Did you ever get your heart's desire! Happy Blue Monday~

  13. Lovely collection, I like the blue tray.


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