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About a month or so ago I posted about setting aside a little money to take advantage of "After the Holiday Sales". Well, I don't really do a lot of Halloween stuff. As a mater of fact, this year I didn't put up any Halloween decor. However, as the Little Princess gets older and she starts to understand trick or treating and all the stuff that goes along with, I will probably decorate more. So, I stashed a $20.00 bill to use to snag some good clearance deals. Here is what I got:

At Michael's, Halloween was 80% off so, I got these 2 tall candstickes:

Over to Walmart which had Halloween 90% off. I got 7 window cling sheets, 4 wall cling sheets and 3 gel cling sheets. Each were .20 cents:

And then a late night run to Kroger landed me with dishware that was 70% off. I got 4 glasses, 4 goblets, 2 mugs, 2 dessert plates and 1 large square serving platter.

My grand total (before tax) was $18.80. I did pretty good. I have already gotten my "After Thanksgiving Sales" money set aside. This isn't money for "Black Friday". It's just for specific autumn/thanksgiving items. And now I am working on puttiing away some money for "After Christmas sales". This really is the only way I buy most of my holiday decor. I rarely pay full price for any of this stuff. I couldn't afford it. This way works for me. How about you?

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  1. What a great plan and the only way to buy Holiday Decor in my opinion also. I don't do a lot of Halloween decorating as my children are grown, but I do Fall/Thanksgiving and I also am planning to put aside some after holiday funds for bargains. That works for me...


  2. Those candlesticks are amazing. Well, as amazing as spiders can be!

  3. I think this is a great way to buy holiday decor items. I do this for most holidays. The best is buying valentine cards for my kids to give at school. I get the "cool" ones for pennies on the dollar. I LOVE getting a deal!

  4. I agree, post-holiday sales are the way to go! One of my favorites was buying Christmas fabric at 75% off and then having a whole year to get around to making it into bags for wrapping gifts. We just stick a gift into a bag, fold the open end around it, and tie a ribbon around to hold it closed. They look so cute and can be used year after year.


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