A Wonderful Reminder from another Blogger

When I first started my blog and was flying around the blogoshere looking at a gazillion different blogs, one of the first ones that I came to and really loved was Small Notebook. As a matter of fact, Rachel was one of the first blogs I listed on my sidebar and made a post about checking out Small Notebook.

I love how simple, clean and direct her blog is. I still subscribe to it and look forward to each of her posts. Her blog is about the "basics" such as:

Family Life
Daily Tip
This & That
(yup, I copied that list straight of her blog. LOL)

You know how we can get so caught up in something or another and start to overlook the small important things? Rachel helps keep us from getting too wrapped up in those "other' things.

A post she wrote last week was so spot on that I just had to share it with you. It has to do with "reality'. Ohhh...scary stuff that reality! LOL

The post I am referring to is "Simple Living Myth: Real Life is Real Simple". She talks about how all those beautiful magazines show these impeccable houses or rooms and how that makes us feel somewhat "less than".

This post can be applied to so many different areas in our life. I love to look at beautiful rooms in magazines. I get some fun ideas from them. However, I also know that is a staged area with a million little people running around trying to make it just perfect. You will not see a toddler running around with one foot wearing a single boot, wearing no pants (just had an UGLY incident) and carrying a half full bowl of chocolate pudding that she managed to step up onto a box and grab. Needless to say, you won't see the lovely "art deco" hand prints in a creamy cocoa brown on the hallway wall or the newly added free hand-dripped art on the base cabinets in the kitchen. Nope, none of those will be shown.

So, I encourage you to go and visit Rachel and say hi. Then browse around her past posts.

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  1. I am off to check out her blog right now!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit today. Hugs, Tracey

  2. G'morning, and thanks for stopping by my place.
    I will go right now and check out this blog. She sounds like someone I'd like to meet.
    xo bj

  3. Thank you for visiting me today. Always glad when other bloggers take the time to drop by. I will check out Rachel;s blog.

  4. There are times I wish I had a simpler home. But really I concentrate on the simple things in life and I am happy. Now my collections make my home so unsimple! But it is stuff and I can get more if something should happen to it so I don't take it too seriously. Thanks for sending me to Rachel's!
    Hugs, Lisa


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