Tuesday Kitchen Tip

Keep the linings from cereal boxes~they make great substitutes for waxed paper! They are also quite strong and are great to use for containing all the yucky stuff like chicken fat and bones. That don't generally leak either. I don't like to just toss those straight into my trash because of a certain little munchkin that thinks the trash can is a cool place to find new toys! And also the bags work great as a liner when you use the cereal boxes as "to-go" trays.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. Great idea! I often save the outer part but never thought of the inner--this is so much better for the environment than saving plastic veggie bags for garbage disposal. Better to recycle those. (I hate those things! What in the heck did we use for veggies in the past? My brain doesn't want to remember. But we used to use newspaper for tying up kitchen scraps. Need to go back there!)


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